Book Reviews: Spontaneous and Volitional Psi

Ochorowicz, J. DE LA SUGGESTION MENTALE, reviewed by Frank Podmore, Proceedings 4, 1886, pp. 562-8. Discussion of the evidence of thought-transference. book review/spontaneous psi/volitional psi/telepathy 

Tamburini, Augusto. SPRITISMO I TELEPATIA reviewed by H. Babington Smith, Proceedings 9, 1893, pp. 225-30. Italian article on spiritualism and telepathy, including cases of telepathic dreams and impressions. book review/spontaneous psi/volitional psi/telepathy/dreams 

Podmore, Frank. APPARITIONS AND THOUGHT-TRANSFERENCE: AN EXAMINATION OF THE EVIDENCE FOR TELEPATHY, reviewed by Wm Romaine Newbold, Proceedings 11, 1895, pp. 149-55. Cautious, detailed study of telepathy based on the Society’s work in Phantasms of the Living, the Proceedings and other sources. Podmore states at the outset his conviction that ‘communication is possible between mind and mind otherwise than through the known channels of sense,’ but rests this claim on experimental rather than anecdotal evidence. book review/spontaneous psi/volitional psi/telepathy

Goodrich-Freer, A. ESSAYS IN PSYCHICAL RESEARCH, reviewed by Richard Hodgson, Proceedings 14, 1899, pp. 393-6. Popular overview of topical subjects (hauntings, crystal gazing, dowsing, hypnotism etc.) by the ‘Miss X’ of contributions to the Proceedings on personal experiences of telepathy. book review/spontaneous psi 

Baggally, W.W. TELEPATHY, GENUINE AND FRAUDULENT, reviewed by M.A. Bayfield, Journal 18, 1918, p. 128. Description of telepathy cases where the investigator detected fraud and others where he did not. book review/spontaneous psi/volitional psi/telepathy/cheating

Benton, William E. MAN-MAKING FROM OUT OF THE MISTS TO BEYOND THE VEIL, Journal 19, 1920, p. 204. ‘Compilation of data having a human interest, from the habitability of the planets to the price of radium’. book review/psi

Jones, E.H. THE ROAD TO ENDOR, reviewed by W.H. Salter, Proceedings 31, 1920, pp. 229-41. British officers imprisoned in Turkey resort to complex and successful trickery with a ouija board as part of an escape plan. book review/automatic writing/magic/cheating

Tartaruga, Ubald. KRIMINAL-TELEPATHIE UNO RETROSKOPIE & DAS HELLSEH-MEDIUM MEGALIS IN SCHWEDEN, Journal 21, 1923, pp. 60-61. Account of the feats of an Austrian clairvoyant, who began her career helping with police investigations, and later toured Sweden giving stage performances. CORRESPONDENCE, p. 96. book review/volitonal psi/clairvoyance

Besterman, Theodore. CRYSTAL-GAZING: A STUDY IN THE HISTORY, DISTRIBUTION, THEORY AND PRACTICE OF SCRYING, Journal 21, 1924, pp. 358-9. ‘Painstaking compilation.’ book review/volitional psi/clairvoyance

Tartaruga, Ubald. AUS DEM REICHE DES ELLSEHWUNDERS, Journal 21, 1924, p. 324. Studies on clairvoyance featuring the clairvoyant ‘Megalis’ and others. book review/volitional psi/clairvoyance

Heuzé, Paul. FAKIRES, FUMISTES ET CIE, Journal 23, 1926, pp. 141-2. Sceptical discussion of the claims of psychic abilities by travelling ‘fakirs’. book review/volitional psi/magic/cheating

Barrett, William & Besterman, Theodore. THE DIVINING ROD, reviewed by W.H. Salter, Journal 24, 1927, p. 16. Illustrated history of dowsing. CORRESPONDENCE, pp. 44-5, Journal 25, 1929, pp. 129-30. book review/volitional psi/dowsing

Osty, Eugène. UNE FACULTE DE CONNAISSANCE SUPRA-NORMALE, reviewed by E.J. Dingwall, Journal 24, 1927, pp. 47-8. Account of the descriptions given by the clairvoyant ‘Pascal Forthuny’ [Georges Cochet]. book review/volitonal psi/clairvoyance

Seymour, St John D. & Neligan, Harry L. TRUE IRISH GHOST STORIES, reviewed by Helen Salter, Journal 24, 1927, p. 92. Collection of first and second hand reports of apparitions, banshees and death warnings. book review/spontaneous psi/hauntings/apparitions

Leroy, Olivier. LA LÉVITATION: CONTRIBUTION HISTORIQUE ET CRITIQUE À L’ÉTUDE DU MERVEILLEUX, reviewed by P-P Solovovo, Proceedings 38, 1928, pp. 272-9. Study of levitation as recorded in writings on the saints: Joseph of Cupertino, Theresa of Avila, etc. book review/spontaneous psi/psychokinesis

Anon. THE CASE OF THERESA NEUMANN, Journal 24, 1928, pp. 247-55. Summary of the stigmatisation case in Konnesreuth, Bavaria, including newspaper reports of the various phenomena claimed to be associated with the peasant girl, including religious ecstasies and long-term fasting. CORRESPONDENCE, p. 337. book review/spontaneous psi/stigmata

Richet, Charles. NOTRE SIXIEME SENS, reviewed by P.P Solovovo, Journal 24, 1928, pp. 258-61. The veteran French researcher presents, in popular form, evidence he has gathered in favour of telepathy, clairvoyance and psychometry. CORRESPONDENCE, p. 337-8. book review/spontaneous psi/volitonal psi/telepathy/clairvoyance

Pelz, von. DIE HELLSEHERIN, BETRACHTUNGEN EINES IHRER ‘GEISTIGEN FUHRER’, reviewed by P-P. Solovovo, Journal 24, 1928, pp. 396-8. Exposure of the Konigsburg clairvoyant Frau Gunther-Geffers. book review/volitional psi/clairvoyance/cheating

Prince, W.F. NOTED WITNESSES FOR PSYCHIC OCURRENCES, Journal 24, 1928, p. 400. A collection of passages in the lives of eminent people which seem to testify to the reality of supernormal occurrences. book review/spontaneous psi

Simon, Matthias. DAS PHÂNOMEN VON KONNESREUTH IM LICHTE EVANGELISCHE GLAUBENS, Journal 24, 1928, pp. 400-401. Pamphlet discussing the case of Therese Neumann of Konnesreuth, describing her experiences and discussing the religious implications from a Lutheran standpoint. book review/spontaneous psi/stigmata

Hellwig, Albert. OKKULTISMUS UNO VERBRECHEN, reviewed by P-P. Solovovo, Journal 25, 1929, pp. 93-5. Detailed attack on the view that supernormal knowledge was obtained by clairvoyants in German criminal cases. book review/volitional psi/clairvoyance

Villey, Pierre. THE WORLD OF THE BLIND, reviewed by Theodore Besterman, Journal 27, 1931, pp. 8-9. The author, blind since a child, argues that the possession by the blind of a sixth sense or supernormal faculty is a myth. book review/psi

Friedlânder, A.A. TELEPATHIE UNO HELLSEHEN, reviewed by Theodore Besterman, Journal 27, 1931, p. 10. Argues that neither telepathy nor clairvoyance exist, but without confronting the evidence. book review/psi/telepathy/clairvoyance

Leroy, Olivier. LES HOMMES SALAMANDRES: RECHERCHES ET RÉFLEXIONS SUR L’INCOMBUSTIBILITÉ DU CORPS HUMAIN, reviewed by P-P Solovovo, Proceedings 40, 1931, pp. 162-164. Study of historical episodes of the miraculous resistance of certain individuals to fire. book review/spontaneous psi/beliefs

Mager, Henri. WATER DIVINERS AND THEIR METHODS, reviewed by W.H. Salter, Journal 27, 1931-2, pp. 259-61. English translation of one of the principal French books on the subject, combining history with speculation. book review/volitional psi/dowsing

Martin, Abel Ernest. DIAGNOSTIC RADIESTHESIQUE EN MEDECINE-VETERINAIRE, reviewed by W.H. Salter, Journal 27, 1931-2, pp. 259-61. A vet claims that it is possible by means of a pendulum to discover whether an animal is in a healthy condition or not, and to diagnose problems. book review/volitional psi/healing

Wunderle, Georg. UM KONNESREUTH, reviewed by P-P. Solovovo, Journal 27, 1931-2, pp. 310-13. A Roman Catholic priest expresses doubts about the scientific objectivity of investigations into the stigmatic Therese Neumann. book review/spontaneous psi/stigmata

Richet, Charles. L’AVENIR ET LA PREMONITION, reviewed by H.F. Saltmarsh, Journal 27, 1931-2, pp. 185-7. Collection of cases indicating the reality of genuine premonitions. book review/spontaneous psi/precognition

Selous, Edmund. THOUGHT TRANSFERENCE (OR WHAT?) IN BIRDS, reviewed by W.H. Salter, Journal 27, 1931-2, pp. 190-91. Suggests that a mental process akin to telepathy is behind the collective movement of flocks of birds. book review/animal psi

Deutsch, Joseph. KONNERSREUTH IN ÂRZLICHER BELEUCHTUNG, reviewed by P-P Solovovo, Proceedings 41, 1932, pp. 250-53. Voices scepticism of supernormal claims surrounding Therese Neumann in Germany. book review/spontaneous psi/stigmata

Osty, E. ‘TELEPATHIE SPONTANEE ET TRANSMISSION DE PENSEE EXPERIMENTALE’, reviewed by S.G. Soal, Journal 28, 1933, pp. 139-44. Article in Revue Metapsychique surveying present knowledge of telepathy. ‘This brilliant and fascinating study by one of the leading psychical researchers of our time should be read by all who desire to know what light the best French experimentation in recent years has thrown upon the problem of supernormal knowledge.’ book review/spontaneous psi/volitional psi/telepathy

Lechler, Alfred. DAS RATSEL VON KONNESREUTH IM LICHTE EINES NEUEN FALLES VON STIGMATISATION, reviewed by P-P. Solovovo, Journal 28, 1933, pp. 76-7. A hypnotist uses suggestion to induce and then cure real wounds, evidence used by the author in favour of a natural explanation of the case of Therese Neumann. book review/spsontaneous psi/volitional psi/hypnosis/stigmata

Price, Harry. LEAVES FROM A PSYCHIST’S CASE-BOOK, reviewed by Theodore Besterman, Journal 28, 1933, pp. 149-50. Describes psychic episodes in the researcher’s career. book review/spontaneous psi/volitional psi

Pogson, Mary E. THE ART OF WATER FINDING, reviewed by Theodore Besterman, Journal 28, 1933, p. 150. Speculations based on a theory of emanations. book review/spontaneous psi/dowsing/theory

Symns, Ann Montfort. DREAMS THAT COME TRUE: THE SOLUTION, reviewed by W.H.Salter, Journal 28, 1934, p. 182.   Personal experiences of precognition. book review/spontaneous psi/precognition

Salter, Mrs W.H. EVIDENCE FOR TELEPATHY: THE RESPONSE TO A BROADCAST REQUEST FOR CASES, reviewed by E.R.D., Journal 28, 1934, p. 311. Analysis of 58 stories of telepathic experiences sent in by the public. book review/spontaneous psi/telepathy

Elliot, Robert Henry. THE MYTH OF THE MYSTIC EAST, reviewed by W.H. Salter, Journal 29, 1935, pp. 19-20. Critique of Indian magic, which the author holds has not supernormal element. Includes a consideration of the rope-trick. book review/volitional psi/magic

Reeves, E.A. THE RECOLLECTIONS OF A GEOGRAPHER, Journal 29, 1935, pp. 139-41. The biography of a geographer, with a chapter on the author’s precognitive visions. book review/spontaneous psi/precognition

Cornillier, Pierre-Emile. THE PREDICTION OF THE FUTURE, Journal 29, 1936, p. 203. Spiritualistic survey of prophecies by mediums, translated from the original French. book review/spontaneous psi/volitional psi/precognition

Carrington, Hereward. LOAVES AND FISHES, Journal 29, 1936, pp. 283-4. Biblical accounts of miracles examined in the light of modern psychological and parapsychological knowledge. book review/spontaneous psi/volitional psi/beliefs

Price, Harry. CONFESSIONS OF A GHOST-HUNTER, Journal 29, 1936, pp. 294-5. Readable account of the author’s experiences investigating poltergeists and haunts, with chapters on testing mediums, stage telepathy, and the controversial Brocken experiment (converting a ram into a young man), etc. book review/spontaneous psi/volitional psi

Winterstein, Alfred Frh. V. TELEPATHIE UNO HELLSEHEN, reviewed by Hans Driesch, Journal 30, 1938, pp. 155-6. Austrian lectures on the mental side of parapsychology: ‘an excellent introduction into the subject’. book review/psi/telepathy/clairvoyance

Saltmarsh, H. F. FOREKNOWLEDGE, reviewed by K. R., Journal 31, 1939, pp. 41-2. Analysis of selected cases of precognition. book review/volitional psi/precognition

Thornton, Philip. IKONS AND OXEN, reviewed by E. L., Journal 31, 1939, pp. 98-9. Eye-witness reports of fire-walking and other folkloric ceremonies. book review/spontaneous psi/fire walking/beliefs

Hettinger, J. THE ULTRA-PERCEPTIVE FACULTY, reviewed by W. H. Salter, Journal 31, 1940, pp. 187-8. Tests of two clairvoyants using sealed envelopes and analysed statistically gives significant results. book review/volitional psi/clairvoyance

Maby, J. Cecil & Franklin, T. Bedford. THE PHYSICS OF THE DIVINING ROD. Reviewed by C.C.L.G., Journal 31, 1940, p. 215. Offers an explanation of dowsing in terms of physics, whose reliability is doubted by the reviewer. THE PHYSICS AND PHYSIOLOGY OF FIELD DOWSING, Journal 32, 1941, pp. 14-22, 38-43. Lengthy rebuttal by the authors of the reviewer’s criticisms, followed later by his rejoinder. book review/volitional psi/dowsing/theory

Hettinger, J. EXPLORING THE ULTRA-PERCEPTIVE FACULTY, reviewed by W. W. Carington, Journal 32, 1941, pp. 84-6. Sequel to The Ultra-Perceptive Faculty (Journal 31, 1940). Extends the experiments with psychometrists by having them describe their impressions while the subjects are reading magazines, to see if they pick up their current mental activity. Many hits are recorded, but little statistical analysis is provided. book review/volitional psi/clairvoyance

Wilkins, Sir Hubert and Sherman, Harold. THOUGHTS THROUGH SPACE, reviewed by W. H. Salter, Journal 32, 1942, pp. 169-70. Account of a long-distance telepathy experiment in which Wilkins, on a rescue mission in the Arctic Circle, successfully conveyed impressions of what he was doing and thinking to Sherman in New York. book review/volitional psi/spontaneous psi/telepathy

Ehrenwald, Dr. H. J. TELEPATHY IN DREAMS, Journal 32, 1942, p.172. A psychotherapist presents two clinical cases in which telepathy is apparent in The British Journal of Medical Psychology, Vol. XIX, Part 2, 1942;. See also Proceedings 46, p. 224, A Psychotherapist’s View Of Telepathy And Mediumship. book review/spontaneous psi/telepathy/dreams

Fodor, Nandor. TELEPATHIC DREAMS. THE AMERICAN IMAGO, Vol. 3, No. 3, August 1942, reviewed by K. R., Journal 32, 1942, pp. 179-80. A psychotherapist and psychical researcher presents evidence of telepathy in his patient’s dreams, where coincidences with his own are often noted. book review/spontaneous psi/telepathy/dreams

Payne, Phoebe and Bendit, Laurence J. THE PSYCHIC SENSE, reviewed by G. N. M. Tyrrell, Journal 33, 1943, pp. 23-4. Describes and examines personal psychic experiences. book review/spontaneous psi

Kaulback, A. M. WHAT LIES BEYOND?, reviewed by C. D. T., Journal 33, 1943, p. 24. The writer offers detailed evidence of her ability to remain informed through psychic channels of the whereabouts and activities of her son when engaged in exploration in remote areas of the world. book review/volitional psi/telepathy/clairvoyance

Bazett, Margery. BEYOND THE FIVE SENSES, reviewed by C. Drayton Thomas, Journal 33, 1946, pp. 244-7. A psychic describes her experiences in psychometry, clairvoyance, precognition, tracing missing people, and mediumship, with commentary informed by her study of SPR literature. book review/volitional psi

Roberts, Henry C. ed. THE COMPLETE PROPHECIES OF NOSTRADAMUS, Journal 34, 1948, pp. 165-7. Contemporary interpretations, sceptically reviewed. book review/spontaneous psi/volitional psi/precognition

Heywood, Rosalind & Soal, S.G. TELEPATHY AND ALLIED PHENOMENA, Journal 34, 1948, p. 215. Introductory pamphlet. book review/psi/telepathy

Tenhaeff, W.H.C. OORLOGSVOORSPELLINGEN, reviewed by R.D.P., Journal 35, 1949, pp. 46-8. Investigation into prophecies made in the Netherlands of the outbreak and course of the Second World War. book review/spontaneous psi/precognition

Godwin, George. THE MYSTERY OF ANNA BERGER, Journal 35, 1949, pp. 23-4. Novel about stigmata, representing the paranormalist and orthodox medical viewpoints. book review/spontaneous psi/stigmata

France, Henry de. THE ELEMENTS OF DOWSING, Journal 35, 1949, pp. 87-8. French guide to would-be dowsers, considered ‘uncritical’ by the reviewer. book review/volitional psi/dowsing

Butler, E.M. RITUAL MAGIC, Journal 35, 1949, pp. 153-6. Study of magicians and magic. book review/volitional psi/magic

Mahoney, OUT OF THE SILENCE, Journal 35, 1949, pp. 157-9. Popular book on supernormal experiences. book review/spontaneous psi

Marion, Frederick. IN MY MIND’S EYE, Journal 35, 1950, pp. 187-95. Autobiography of the well-known Czech vaudeville telepathist, Josef Kraus (‘Marion’). The reviewer, S.G. Soal, takes issue with the author’s rejection of investigations conducted by himself (Soal), describing his negative findings in detail. This occasioned a lively correspondence - see pp. 220-22,251-2,316-8,354. CORRESPONDENCE, Journal 31, 1939, p. 10. Claims that Soal, despite his claims to proper safeguards, neglected on one occasion to take account of the polished surface of a table as a means of reflecting information in card guessing experiments. Soal vigorously rebuts this, pp. 37-8. book review/volitional psi/experiments

Walsh, William Thomas. OUR LADY OF FATIMA, Journal 35, 1950, pp. 217-9. Narrative of the Fatima visions, from a devotional point of view. spontaneous psi/book review/beliefs/apparitions

Franklin, T. Bedford. RADIATIONS, Journal 35, 1950, pp. 284-5. Relates dowsing to accepted theories of electromagnetic radiation. book review/volitional psi/dowsing/electromagnetism/theory

Godley, John. TELL ME THE NEXT ONE, Journal 35, 1950, p. 346. Describes dreams that correctly identified winners of future horse races. book review/spontaneous psi/precognition/dreams

Summers, Montague. THE PHYSICAL PHENOMENA OF MYSTICISM, Journal 35, 1950, pp. 349-50. Study of the alleged paranormal phenomena in the lives of mystics and stigmatic by a Roman Catholic. book review/spontaneous psi/beliefs/stigmata

Jacquemyns, G. LES RADIESTHESISTES DEVANT L’OPINION PUBLIQUE, Journal 35, 1950, pp. 353-4. Inquiry into divining phenomena. book review/volitional psi/dowsing

Sabine, W.H.W. SECOND SIGHT IN DAILY LIFE, Journal 36, 1951, pp. 524-6. Personal record and analysis of precognitive dreams. book review/spontaneous psi/precognition/dreams

Spence, Lewis. SECOND SIGHT: ITS HISTORY AND ORIGINS, Journal 36, 1952, pp. 571-2. Psychic experience in Scotland, /book review/spontaneous psi/precognition/ Leroy, Olivier. MIRACLES, Journal 36, 1952, p. 572. Describes documented paranormal cases, including faith healing. book review/spontaneous psi/volitional psi

Thurston, Herbert. THE PSYCHICAL PHENOMENA OF MYSTICISM, Journal 36, 1952, pp. 718-23. Review of stigmata, lévitations, cures and other phenomena within the Catholic Church. book review/spontaneous psi/stigmata/beliefs

Martindales, C.C. PADRE PIO DA PIETRELCINA, Journal 36, 1952, pp. 718-23. Study of the Italian priest said to work miracles. book review/spontaneous psi/beliefs

Uttley, Alison. THE STUFF OF DREAMS, Journal 37, 1954, pp 289-290. Personal record of dreams, some seemingly precognitive. book review/spontaneous psi/precognition/dreams

Siwek, Paul. THE RIDDLE OF KONNERSREUTH: A PSYCHOLOGICAL AND RELIGIOUS STUDY, Journal 38, 1955, pp. 32-4. ‘.. .sober and rational enquiry into the case of Theresa Neumann...’. book review/spontaneous psi/stigmata

Moberly, C.A.E. and Jourdain, E.F. AN ADVENTURE, Journal 38, 1955, pp. 92-3. Fifth edition, including character sketches of the two authors contributed by the editor. book review/spontaneous psi/retrocognition

MacTaggart, Malcolm. NOW - THEN!, Journal 38, 1955, pp. 98-100. Stresses the need to distinguish pre-cognition from post-cognition. book review/spontaneous psi/precognition/retrocognition

Tromp, S.W. EXPERIMENTS ON THE POSSIBLE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN SOIL RESISTIVITY AND DOWSING ZONES, Journal 38, 1955, pp. 188-9. Account of dowsing experiments. book review/volitional psi/dowsing

Bouissou, Michael. THE LIFE OF A SENSITIVE, Journal 38, 1956, pp. 224-5. Personal psychic experiences. book review/spontaneous psi

Goemare, Pierre. THERESE NEUMANN. VISIONARY? STIGMATISED?, reviewed by L. Fairfield, Journal 39, 1958, pp. 245-6. ‘.. .not only a very readable and lucid account of the famous visionary but is of genuine scientific value’. book review/spontaneous psi/stigmata

Klinckowstroem, C. Graf von . 1ST DIE WUNSCHELRUTE EIN ABERGLAUBE?, [IS THE DIVINING ROD A SUPERSTITION?] reviewed by Anita Kohsen, Journal 39, 1958, p. 296. A sceptic argues that dowsing reaction is an allergic phenomenon due to a ‘geopathic’ constitution. book review/volitional psi/dowsing/theory

Berger, Marcel. LA VOYANCE M’A APPRIS ... .(CLAIRVOYANCE HAS TAUGHT ME-----), reviewed by E. J. Dingwall, Journal 39, 1958, pp. 248-9. ‘.. .to people who want to be more fully acquainted with the phenomena of clairvoyant descriptions and psychometry in France this book can be highly recommended.’ book review/spontaneous psi/volitional psi/clairvoyance

Amadou, Robert. LA TÉLÉPATHIE (A GENERAL GUIDE OF ITS MYSTERY), reviewed by H. T. Bowden, Journal 39, 1958, pp. 296-7. Popular introduction to telepathy. book review/spontaneous psi/volitional psi/telepathy

Vogt, Evon Z. & Hyman, Ray. WATER WITCHING U.S.A., reviewed by Denys Parsons, Journal 40, 1959, pp. 260-65. Study of dowsing in America by an anthropologist and a psychologist. CORRESPONDENCE, pp. 373-4. book review/volitional psi/dowsing

Anon. ARTICLES AND CORRESPONDENCE ON ESP IN ANIMALS; IN COUNTRY LIFE, reviewed by M. R. Barrington, Journal 40, 1959, pp. 315-7. Correspondence and anecdotes from pet owners. book review/animal psi

Fodor, Nandor. THE HAUNTED MIND: A Psychoanalyst Looks at the Supernormal, reviewed by Zoe Richmond, Journal 40, 1959, pp. 317-9. Account of paranormal cases collected by a spiritualist society at a time when the author, now a practising psychoanalyst, was research officer. book review/spontaneous psi/consciousness/theory

Drage, Charles. WILLLIAM KING’S PROFESSION, reviewed by E. J. Dingwall, Journal 40, 1959, pp. 426-7. Biography of a successful amateur psychometrist. book review/volitional psi/clairvoyance

Haynes, Renée. THE HIDDEN SPRINGS, AN ENQUIRY INTO EXTRA-SENSORY PERCEPTION, reviewed by H. H. Price, Journal 41, 1961, pp. 93-7. Wide-ranging historical discussion by a Catholic psychical researcher.’ The main aim of the book is to supply a missing chapter in the History of Ideas by giving a historical description of human beliefs and emotional attitudes about psi from very early times to the present day.’ book review/psi

Rhine, Louisa E. THE HIDDEN CHANNELS OF THE MIND, reviewed by Rosalind Heywood, Journal 41, 1962, pp. 254-7. Major study of spontaneous experiences in America, received from individuals by the Parapsychological Laboratory at Duke University. book review/spontaneous psi

Laski, Marghanita. ECSTASY: A STUDY OF SOME SECULAR AND RELIGIOUS EXPERIENCES, reviewed by Margaret Eastman, Journal 41, 1962, pp. 323-6. Study drawing on individual experiences and passages from literature. book review/spontaneous psi/beliefs/altered states

Belo, Jane. TRANCE IN BALI, reviewed by D. J. West, Journal 41, 1962, pp. 369-70. Spontaneous trances and divination. book review/spontaneous psi/volitional psi/altered states

Retlaw, Dr E. G. PROPHEZEIUNGEN UBER AUSBRUCH UNO VERLAUF DES DRITTEN WELTKRIEGS: EINE KRITISCHE UBERSICHT EUROPÂISCHER VISIONEN, (PROPHECIES OF THE OUTBREAK AND COURSE OF THE THIRD WORLD WAR), reviewed by Celia Green, Journal 41, 1962, pp. 370-72. Attempts to chart the course of a third world view based on the prophecies of seers. book review/spontaneous psi/precognition

Hurkos, Peter. PSYCHIC. THE STORY OF PETER HURKOS, reviewed by G. Zorab, Journal 41, 1962, pp. 429-31. Account of well-known Dutch clairvoyant, reviewed sceptically by a countryman and leading parapsychologist. book review/volitional psi/clairvoyance

Prince, Walter F. NOTED WITNESSES FOR PSYCHIC OCCURRENCES, reviewed by Sally Adams, Journal 42, 1963, pp. 78-81. Collection of Occult’ incidents involving prominent people in the arts, sciences and professions. book review/spontaneous psi

Lethbridge, T.C. GHOST AND DIVINING ROD, reviewed by Denys Parsons, Journal 42, 1963, pp. 197-200. Account of the author’s experiments with pendulum and divining rod. book review/volitional psi/dowsing

Rocard, Y. LE SIGNAL DU SOURCIER (in French), reviewed by Denys Parsons, Journal 42, 1963, pp. 197-200. Presents a theory that diviners are responsive to the rate of change of magnetic flux, unsuccessfully in the opinion of the reviewer. book review/volitional psi/dowsing/theory

Heywood, Rosalind. THE INFINITE HIVE, reviewed by Francis Huxley, Journal 42, 1964, pp. 299-303. Study of ESP with reference to the author’s personal experiences. book review/psi

Gallico, Paul. THE HAND OMARY CONSTABLE, reviewed by G.W. Fisk, Journal 42, 1964, pp. 363-4. Thriller, based on the fictional exploits of an investigator commissioned by the SPR. book review/spontaneous psi

Anon. NEWSWEEK, January 1964, reviewed by G.W. Fisk, Journal 42, 1964, pp. 418-9. An American housewife is found to be able to hear alternating current fields that are normally inaudible to humans. book review/spontaneous psi/electromagnetisni

Priestley, J. B. MAN AND TIME, Journal 43, 1965, pp. 31-9. Discussion of precognition by a leading novelist. book review/spontaneous psi/precognition

Christie, Kate. APPARITIONS: AN AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL STUDY IN PARAPSYCHOLOGY, reviewed by Rosalind Heywood, Journal 43, 1965, pp. 150-53. Record of the author’s own frequent ESP-type experiences, including apparent contacts with the newly dead, telepathy, precognition, etc. book review/spontaneous psi/apparitions/precognition/telepathy

Besterman, Theodore. CRYSTAL-GAZING: A STUDY IN THE HISTORY, DISTRIBUTION, THEORY AND PRACTICE OF SCRYING, Journal 43, 1965, p. 157. ? standard work, first published in 1924: see Journal 21, 1923-4, pp. 358-9’ (no review). book review/volitional psi/clairvoyance/precognition/theory

Gould, Rupert T. ODDITIES: A BOOK OF UNEXPLAINED FACTS, reviewed by E. J. Dingwall, Journal 43, 1965, pp. 155-6. Documents unexplained mysteries. book review/spontaneous psi

Gould, Rupert T. ENIGMAS: ANOTHER BOOK OF UNEXPLAINED FACTS, reviewed by E. J. Dingwall, Journal 43, 1965, pp. 155-6. Documents unexplained mysteries. book review/spontaneous psi

Pollack, Jack Harrison. CROISET THE CLAIRVOYANT, reviewed by G. Zorab, Journal 43, 1965, pp. 209-12. Discussion of the Dutch clairvoyant, criticised for its lack of convincing description of experimental conditions. CORRESPONDENCE, Journal 43, 1966, pp. 331-3. book review/volitional psi/claivoyance

Sherman, Harold. HOW TO MAKE ESP WORK FOR YOU, reviewed by Rosalind Heywood, Journal 43, 1966, p. 436. Layman’s introduction to ESP and how to develop it. book review/volitional psi

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Eisenbud, Jule. THE WORLD OF TED SERIOS, reviewed by Colin Brookes-Smith, Journal 44, 1968, pp. 260-5. An American researcher describes the unique case of an individual who was seemingly able, with some practice, to project mental images onto Polaroid camera film to the point that they were visible on film. book review/volitional psi/photography

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