Book Reviews: Survival Theories and Speculations

Survival Theories and Speculations


Stead, W.T. (ed.) LETTERS FROM JULIA: OR LIGHT FROM THE BORDERLAND, reviewed by F.W.H. Myers, Proceedings 13, 1898, pp. 612-4. Automatic writings by a journalist, aapparently communications from a deceased friend and concerning the conditions of afterlife. Myers attests to the author’s sincerity but argues that evidence of the communicator’s genuineness is slight. book review/automatic writing/survival

Lang, Andrew. THE MAKING OF RELIGION, reviewed by Frank Podmore, Proceedings 14, 1898, pp. 128-38. Lang compares anthropological reports of supernatural belief among ‘primitives’ with modern reports studied by psychical researchers, arguing that such beliefs can no longer be held to demonstrate the uncivilised nature of pre-modern societies. He also takes issue with the arguments of Parish and Podmore against the genuineness of poltergeists. Podmore takes the opportunity to reply. CORRRESPONDENCE, Journal 9, 1899, pp. 11-12, 24-32. book review/poltergeist/beliefs

Podmore, Frank. THE NATURALISATION OF THE SUPERNATURAL, reviewed by P-P Solovovo, Proceedings 21, 1908, pp. 525-32. Seeks natural explanations for a variety of phenomena treated as supernormal by many investigators, including mediums, poltergeists and hauntings. The review takes issue with his criticisms of the ‘G.P’ episode in Hodgson’s work on Leonora Piper. book review/psi/mental mediumship/hauntings/poltergeist/theory

D’Albe, E.E. Fournier. NEW LIGHT ON IMMORTALITY, reviewed by F.J.M. Stratton, Journal 14, 1909, pp. 78-9. Metaphysical speculations by a psychical researcher, criticised for too easy acceptance of supernormal phenomena and lacking any support from known science. book review/psi/theory

MacDonald, D.B. THE RELIGIOUS ATTITUDE AND LIFE IN ISLAM, reviewed by M.A. Bayfield, Journal 14, 1909, pp. 162-4. Study in comparative religion. book review/beliefs

Lodge, Oliver. THE SURVIVAL OF MAN, reviewed by H. Arthur Smith, Journal 14, 1909, pp. 178-80. Full, sympathetic review of evidence accumulated by the Society. book review/survival

Dickinson, G. Lowes. RELIGION AND IMMORTALITY, Journal 15, 1911, pp. 110-12. Essays on religious faith and the desirability of immortality. book review/survival/beliefs

Podmore, Frank. THE NEWER SPIRITUALISM, reviewed by M A Bayfield, Proceedings 25, 1911, pp. 70-89. A review of Podmore’s last book, interesting as a summary of the arguments of the SPR’s best-known sceptic and as a discussion of controversial points concerning cross-correspondences and survival. book review/survival/psi/cross-correspondences/theory

Flournoy, T. ESPRITS ET MÉDIUMS, reviewed by M A Bayfield, Proceedings 25, 1911, pp. 468-76. A summary of the work and thought of the Swiss psychologist, his admiration for much psychical research and his doubts about survival. book review/psi/survival/theory

Anon. THE BELIEF IN PERSONAL IMMORTALITY, reviewed by F.C.S. Schiller, Journal 16, 1913, pp. 126-8. The author tries to dismiss the case for immortality, despite having had strong psychical experiences of his own. book review/survival

Pearson, Norman. THE SOUL AND ITS STORY, Journal 18, 1917, pp. 60-63, reviewed by F.C.S. Schiller. Discussion of immortality, critiqued by the reviewer. book review/survival

Streeter, B.H. et al. IMMORTALITY, Journal 18, 1918, pp. 151-2. Essays on survival, covering religious and scientific subjects. book review/survival

Clodd, Edward. THE QUESTION: IF A MAN DIE, SHALL HE LIVE AGAIN?, Journal 18, 1918, pp. 199-200. Poorly received debunking. book review/survival

Mercier, Charles A. SPIRITUALISM AND SIR OLIVER LODGE, Journal 18, 1918, pp. 198-9. Poorly received debunking. book review/spiritualism/survival

Hill, J. Arthur. SPIRITUALISM, IT’S HISTORY, PHENOMENA AND DOCTRINE, reviewed by M.A. Bayfield, Journal 19, 1919, pp. 70-71. ‘ admirable an introduction to the study of Psychical Research as could be wished... ‘. book review/psi/spiritualism

Hyslop, James. LIFE AFTER DEATH: PROBLEMS OF THE FUTURE LIFE AND ITS NATURE, reviewed by F.C.S. Schiller, Journal 19, 1919, pp. 130-32. Detailed discussion by the American investigator of the theoretical background to spirit survival and communication. CORRESPONDENCE, Journal 19, 1920, pp. 197-8. book review/survival/theory

Galloway, George. THE IDEAL OF IMMORTALITY: ITS DEVELOPMENT AND VALUE, reviewed by F.C.S. Schiller, Journal 19, 1920, pp. 249-51. A cleric’s view of survival. book review/survival

Carter, Huntley, (ed.) SPIRITUALISM: ITS PRESENT DAY MEANING, Journal 20, 1921, pp. 23-4. Essays covering a wide range of conflicting views. book review/spiritualism

Dearmer, Percy. THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE PICTURE, Journal 20, 1921, p. 25. Automatic scripts with highly spiritual content but offering no actual evidence of a spirit world. book review/automatic writing

Armstrong, C.W. THE MYSTERY OF EXISTENCE, Journal 20, 1922, p. 252. Philosophical treatise by a Society member. book review/consciousness

Hill, J. Arthur. FROM AGNOTICISM TO BELIEF: AN ACCOUNT OF FURTHER EVIDENCE FOR SURVIVAL, Journal 21, 1924, pp. 337-9. Describes the author’s mental development from agnosticism to belief in a spiritual world and a future life. book review/survival

Sichler, Albert. DIE THEOSOPHIE (ANTHROPSOPHIE) IN PSYCHOLOGISCHER BEURTEILUNG, Journal 21, 1924, p. 358. Introduction to theosophy and anthroposophy. book review/theosophy/survival

Broad, C.D. THE MIND AND ITS PLACE IN NATURE, reviewed by E.J. Dingwall, Journal 22, 1925, pp. 154-8. Classic work by a Cambridge philosopher in five parts: alternative theories of life and mind; mental knowledge of existents; theories of the unconscious; review of arguments for human survival of bodily death; unity of mind and nature. book review/consciousness/survival/psi

Baerwald, Richard. OKKULTISMUS UNO SPIRITISMUS, Journal 23, 1926, pp. 99-100. Discussion of spiritualism by the editor of a German parapsychological Journalbook review/spiritualism

Evans-Wentz, W.Y. THE TIBETAN BOOK OF THE DEAD, Journal 24, 1927, p. 164. The entry into afterlife according to Tibetan Buddhism. book review/survival/beliefs

Doyle, Arthur Conan. HISTORY OF SPIRITUALISM, reviewed by W.H. Salter, Proceedings 36, 1927, pp. 506-13. Study by one of Spiritualism’s most outspoken apologists. book review/spiritualism

Bozzano, Ernest. A PROPOS DE L’INTRODUCTION A LA METAPSYCHIQUE HUMAINE, reviewed by F.C.S. Schiller, Journal 24, 1927, pp. 107-8. Detailed rebuttal by an Italian psychical researcher of an attempt by a French sceptic, René Sudre, to avoid a spiritist explanation of mediumistic phenomena. book review/psi/spiritualism/survival

Leonard, John C. THE HIGHER SPIRITUALISM, Journal 24, 1927, p. 163. Survey of the history and phenomena of spiritualism. book review/spiritualism/survival

Lodge, Oliver. WHY I BELIEVE IN PERSONAL IMMORTALITY, reviewed by F.C.S. Schiller, Journal 24, 1928, pp. 332-4. ‘.. .singularly simple, lucid and persuasive statement of the scientific grounds on which Sir Oliver finds the belief in personal immortality tenable and convincing’. book review/survival

Lodge, Oliver et al. WHERE ARE THE DEAD?, Journal 24, 1928, p. 400. Newspaper articles by eminent writers, academics and churchmen, including Conan Doyle, G.K. Chesterton, and Julian Huxley. book review/survival

Lodge, Oliver. PHANTOM WALLS, reviewed by F.C.S. Schiller, Journal 26, 1930, pp. 52-4. The physicist reflects on his faith in ‘a beneficent spiritual world’. book review/survival

Dallas, H.A. HUMAN SURVIVAL AND ITS IMPLICATIONS, reviewed by J.A.H., Journal 27, 1931, pp. 38-40. ‘.. .though written from the standpoint of one who is convinced of survival and communication.. .a sane and balanced presentation of the case in its general aspects...’. book review/survival

Lodge, Oliver. DEMONSTRATED SURVIVAL: ITS INFLUENCE ON SCIENCE, PHILOSOPHY AND RELIGION, reviewed by J.A.H., Journal 27, 1931, pp. 38-40. Draws an analogy between magnetism and matter on the one hand, and life and matter on the other. book review/survival/theory

Webling, A.F. SOMETHING BEYOND, reviewed by S.R.W. Wilson, Journal 27, 1931-2, p. 191. Memoir of a churchman, who arrived at a conviction of survival solely through his study of psychical research. book review/survival/psi

Roberts, C.E. Bechhofer. THE TRUTH ABOUT SPIRITUALISM, reviewed by W.H. Salter, Journal 27, 1931-2, pp. 329-31. Critical study of the mental phenomena of spiritualism, concluding that telepathy rather than survival is the true explanation in most cases. CORRESPONDENCE, Journal 28, 1933. Contends Roberts’s claim that a particular case suffers from lack of corroboration. See also: LA VERITA SULLO SPIRITISMO, reviewed by W.H. Salter, Journal 29, pp. 138. Brief welcome for an Italian translation of Roberts’s book. book review/survival/theory

Lawton George. THE DRAMA OF LIFE AFTER DEATH: A STUDY OF THE SPIRITUALIST RELIGION, reviewed by C.E. Bechhofer Roberts, Journal 27, 1932, pp. 346-8. Views spritualism as a religion offering therapeutic value. book review/spiritualism/healing/survival

Addison, James Thayer. LIFE BEYOND DEATH IN THE BELIEFS OF MANKIND, reviewed by Theodore Besterman, Journal 28, 1933, p. 150. ‘...a useful, if somewhat scrappy survey’ of primitive beliefs in survival and related matters. book review/survival/beliefs

Desmond, Shaw. WE DO NOT DIE, reviewed by H.F. Saltmarsh, Journal 28, 1934, pp. 321-2. Racily written description of afterlife. book review/survival

Hill, J. Arthur. TOWARDS CHEERFULNESS, reviewed by S.R.W. Wilson, Journal 29, 1935, pp. 110-11. Essays by a spiritualist on a range of topics, including psychical research and spiritualism, urging an optimistic outlook. book review/psi/spiritualism/survival

Collins, B. Abdy. DEATH IS NOT THE END, Journal 31, 1939, p. 100. ‘...puts the case for Spiritualism with considerable ability’. book review/spiritualism/survival

Waters, R.A. & Johnston, William B. CLOUD CHAMBER INVESTIGATION INTO POST-MORTEM IONS, reviewed by R., Journal 31, 1939, p. 114. Attempt to observe by experiment any entity separating itself from the organism of a mouse at the time of death. Some evidence is found, but is capable of normal explanations. book review/survival/experiments

Seymour, Charles J. THIS SPIRITUALISM: RESULTS OF AN INQUIRY, reviewed by P-P Solovovo, Journal 31, 1940, pp. 200-202. Spiritualist reflections on the meaning given to the universe by the fact of afterlife. CORRESPONDENCE, Journal 31, 1940, pp. 209-10. book review/spiritualism/beliefs/survival

Collins, B. Abdy. WHY I DO BELIEVE IN SURVIVAL, reviewed by K. Richmond, Journal 31, 1940, pp. 210-13. Arguments in favour of survival, by a believer. CORRESPONDENCE, Journal 32, 1941, pp. 46-8. book review/survival

Duguid, Julian. I AM PERSUADED, reviewed by Kenneth Richmond, Journal 32, 1941, pp. 103-4. Account of the author’s personal journey from agnosticism towards faith, taking in the evidence of psychical research. book review/beliefs/survival

Salter, W.H. PSYCHIC SCIENCE Vol. XX, No.l, April 1941. Reviewed by W. H. S., Journal 32, 1941, pp. 90-91. Announces the launch of a new Journal under the editorship of Abdy Collins, a member who contributed largely to a discussion on survival. book review/psi/survival

Baird, A.T. ONE HUNDRED CASES FOR SURVIVAL AFTER DEATH, reviewed by C.D.T., Journal 33, 1943, p. 40. Reference book indicating the strength of the argument for survival, with cases selected from the publications of the SPR and American SPR, and other sources. book review/survival

Baird, A.P. (ed.) A CASEBOOK FOR SURVIVAL, Journal 34, 1948, p. 256. A hundred cases that suggest survival. book review/survival

Knight, Marcus. SPIRITUALISM, REINCARNATION AND IMMORTALITY, Journal 35, 1950, pp. 313-4. Sympathetic Christian approach to spiritualism. book review/survival/beliefs/psi

Campbell, R.J. THE LIFE OF THE WORLD TO COME, Journal 35, 1950, pp. 346-8. Comprehensive survey of the Christian teaching about immortality, sympathetic towards psychical research. book review/survival/psi/beliefs

Lamont, Corliss. THE ILLUSION OF IMMORTALITY, Journal 36, 1951, pp. 375-6. Summary of arguments against personal immortality. book review/survival

Ducasse, C.J. NATURE, MIND AND DEATH, Journal 37, 1953, pp. 96-101. Study of survival of death by an American philosopher, analysing the mind-body relation. Concludes that survival is conceivable, that there is prima facie evidence for it, and that some form of reincarnation may occur. book review/survival/consciousness/theory

Smith, Alson J. IMMORTALITY: THE SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE, Journal 38, 1955, pp. 35-7. Christian appraisal of survival evidence. book review/survival/beliefs

Pearce-Higgins, Rev. John D. RESURRECTION - A STUDY OF THE FACTS, reviewed by G.W.F., Journal 39, 1958, pp. 192-3. Theological treatise drawing insights about survival from mediumistic research. book review/psi/survival

Garrett, Eileen, (ed). DOES MAN SURVIVE DEATH?, reviewed by R.H., Journal 39, 1958, pp. 244-5. Symposium with 20 articles covering four topics: philosophy, parapsychology, hypotheses, religious approaches. book review/surival/theory

Perry, Michael C. THE EASTER ENIGMA, reviewed by W. H. Stevens, Journal 40, 1959, pp. 79-81. Christian examination of the Resurrection with reference to survival phenomena described by psychical research. book review/survival/psi

Hart, Hornell. THE ENIGMA OF SURVIVAL, reviewed by R. H. Thouless, Journal 40, 1959, pp. 265-6. Author of the paper ‘Six Theories about Apparitions’ considers the whole problem of survival. book review/survival

Anon. THE MODERN CHURCHMAN - DECEMBER 1959, reviewed by Robert S. W. Pollard, Journal 40, 1959, pp. 369-70. Papers on death, immortality and Christianity. book review/survival/beliefs

West, John. THE ETERNAL QUEST, reviewed by Rosalind Heywood, Journal 40, 1959, pp. 370-71. Study of ESP concluding that ‘man in his true state is an immortal spirit... ‘. book review/psi/survival

Warne, R.B. GODISTENCISM, reviewed by Rosalind Heywood, Journal 40, 1959, pp. 425-6. ‘Study of the concept of personal survival within the framework of biological evolution’. book review/survival/theory

East, John N. MAN THE IMMORTAL, reviewed by Margaret Eastman, Journal 41, 1961, pp. 88-9. ‘.. .ambitious attempt to correlate the findings of Western science with those of Eastern mysticism...’. book review/beliefs/survival

Crookall, Robert. THE SUPREME ADVENTURE, reviewed by Sally Adams, Journal 41, 1961, pp. 158-9. Constructs a picture of the psychological processes of death and survival, based on a study of reports of spontaneous experiences and mediumistic communications. book review/survival/consciousness

Findlay, Stephen. IMMORTAL LONGINGS, reviewed by Margaret Eastman, Journal 41, 1961, pp. 161-2. Survey of survival evidence, including religious, mystical, philosophical and reincarnationist ideas, as well as mediumistic and experimental material. book review/survival

Salter, W.H. ZOAR; OR THE EVIDENCE OF PSYCHICAL RESEARCH CONCERNING SURVIVAL, reviewed by C. D. Broad, Journal 41, 1961, pp. 203-10. Wide-ranging study of psychical research by veteran member and investigator, fully discussed by the reviewer. book review/psi/survival/theory

Beard, Paul. SURVIVAL OF DEATH: FOR AND AGAINST, reviewed by Rosalind Heywood, Journal 43, 1966, pp. 374-5. Study of survival evidence by a leading contemporary spiritualist, a SPR member. book review/survival

Crookall, Robert. EVENTS ON THE THRESHOLD OF THE AFTER-LIFE, reviewed by Peter Maddeley, Journal 44, 1968, pp. 259-260. Assembles and evaluates case material bearing on the spiritual experience of death. See also CORRESPONDENCE, Journal 42, 1963, pp. 147-8; Journal 43, pp. 440-41; Journal 44, pp. 358-62. book review/survival

Frazer, Felix J. PARALLEL PATHS TO THE UNSEEN WORLDS, Journal 44, 1968, p. 299. ? survey of psychical research, with emphasis upon the evidence for survival and for physical phenomena, by a former Federal law enforcement officer’. (No review) book review/psi/survival

Toynbee, Arnold and others. MAN’S CONCERN WITH DEATH, reviewed by R. B. Joynson, Journal 45, 1969, pp. 88-90. Exploration of the role of beliefs about death in human culture. book review/beliefs/survival

Penelhum, T. SURVIVAL AND DISEMBODIED EXISTENCE, reviewed by ?. ?. Price, Journal 45, 1970, pp. 413-5. Philosophical views on survival, with reference to the mind-body problem. book review/consciousness/survival

Rogo, D. Scott. THE WELCOMING SILENCE, reviewed by Andrew MacKenzie, Journal 47, 1974, pp. 334-7. Argues for survival of death from evidence provided by psychical research. book review/survival

Smith, Suzy. LIFE IS FOREVER. EVIDENCE FOR SURVIVAL AFTER DEATH, reviewed by Andrew MacKenzie, Journal 47, 1974, pp. 388-9. Popular introduction to evidence of survival. book review/survival

Tenhaeff, Prof. W.H.C. KONTAKTE MIT DEM JENSEITS?- DER SPIRITISMUS-REPORT (Contacts with the other side? - A report on Spiritualism), reviewed by Frank Spedding, Journal 48, 1975, pp. 47-9. General enquiry into evidence of survival of death. book review/survival

Jacobsen, Nils O. LIFE WITHOUT DEATH?, reviewed by Andrew MacKenzie, Journal 48, 1975, pp. 115-7. Argument in favour of survival of death, based mainly on the evidence suggested by a study of spontaneous cases. book review/survival

Lewis, Hywel D. THE SELF AND IMMORTALITY, reviewed by John Beloff, Journal 48, 1975, pp. 159-61. Philosophical discussion of the likelihood of survival of death, accepted by the author on the basis of faith and experience, but questioned by the reviewer, in spite of a sympathetic response to his mind-body assumptions. book review/consciousness/survival

Perry, Michael. THE RESURRECTION OF MAN, reviewed by David Christie-Murray, Journal 48, 1976, pp. 347-9. Subtitled: ‘Christian teachings on life after death.’ Brings the findings of psychical research to bear on the resurrection and appearances of Christ. book review/survival/psi/beliefs

Maison, Archie. THE WAITING WORLD: OR WHAT HAPPENS AT DEATH, reviewed by Rosalind Heywood, Journal 48, 1976, pp. 353-4. Study by an American cleric on the experience of death and afterlife. book review/survival

Toynbee, Arnold et al. LIFE AFTER DEATH, reviewed by David Christie-Murray, Journal 48, 1976, pp. 314-5. Contributions on survival by Arnold Toynbee, Arthur Koestler, Rosalind Heywood, S Grof, Renée Haynes, and others, with reference to theology, anthropology and psychical research. book review/survival/theory

Cleobury, F.H. FROM CLERK TO CLERIC, reviewed by David Christie-Murray, Journal 49, 1978, p. 556. Personal memoir by a SPR member, with views on survival and spiritualism. book review/survival/spiritualism

Dodds, E.R. MISSING PERSONS: AN AUTOBIOGRAPHY, reviewed by Graham Hough, Journal 49, 1978, pp. 754-5. Memoir by the classical scholar who authored a seminal paper ‘Why I Do Not Believe in Survival’ and subsequently experienced convincing evidence in proxy sittings with the medium Gladys Leonard. book review/survival/mental mediumship

Grof, Stanislav. & Halifax, Joan. THE HUMAN ENCOUNTER WITH DEATH, reviewed by Rosalind Heywood, Journal 49, 1978, pp. 959-60. ‘.. .wide-ranging survey of human attitudes to death, both in past cultures when its survival was taken for granted and in the materialist world of today when for most people it implies extinction and is thought of with dread. The authors claim that this modern attitude is tragically mistaken, that death is the most meaningful fact of our lives and that, rightly faced, it should lead to blissful inner peace’. book review/survival/beliefs

Currie, Ian. YOU CANNOT DIE: THE INCREDIBLE FINDINGS OF A CENTURY OF RESEARCH ON DEATH, reviewed by Alan Gauld and Rosalind Heywood, Journal 50, 1979, pp. 122-3. Popular survey of survival evidence. ‘.. .primarily an anthology of certain kinds of cases. It ranges widely, and may be of use and psychological interest even to those who frequently doubt the author’s own interpretation of his materials’. book review/survival

Anon. REPORT TO THE ARCHBISHOP OF CANTERBURY OF THE COMMITTEE ON SPIRITUALISM (1939), reviewed by Robert Thouless, Journal 50, 1979, pp. 184-7. First full publication of a report by an Anglican commission on spiritualism, revealing a range of attitudes both positive and negative. CORRESPONDENCE, Journal 50, 1979, pp. 319-20. bookreview/spiritualism/survival/beliefs

Crookall, Dr. Robert. WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DIE, reviewed by Leslie Price, Journal 50, 1979, pp. 190-91. Further volume from a veteran researcher of death and dying, with some new cases. book review/survival

Beard, Paul. LIVING ON: A STUDY OF ALTERING CONSCIOUSNESS AFTER DEATH, reviewed by Michael Perry, Journal 50, 1980, pp. 544-5. Offers a picture of survival based on mediumistic communications, by a leading spiritualist and president of the College of Psychic Studies. book review/survival

Escudero, Nestor A. Rodriguez. HISTORIA DEL ESPIRITISMO EN PUERTO RICO, reviewed by Carlos S. Alvarado, Journal 50, 1980, pp. 545-7. Surveys the historical development of Spiritualism in Puerto Rico from the middle of the nineteenth century until 1977. book review/spiritualism/survival/beliefs

Moore, Brooke Noel. THE PHILOSOPHICAL POSSIBILITIES BEYOND DEATH, reviewed by Frank B. Dilley, Journal 51, 1982, pp. 314-6. Sceptical overview of survival material. ‘The book is excellent. It makes a good textbook for a philosophy course on the subject, and provides a good source book for the critical literature on those issues surveyed’. book review/survival

McAdams, Elizabeth E. & Bayless, Raymond. THE CASE FOR LIFE AFTER DEATH. PARAPSYCHOLOGISTS LOOK AT THE EVIDENCE, reviewed by Andrew MacKenzie, Journal 51, 1982, pp. 316-7. Sympathetic survey of the evidence for survival, ‘written without sensationalism, and with counter arguments against the survival hypothesis taken into consideration’. book review/survival

Burd, Van Akin. RUSKIN, LADY MOUNT-TEMPLE AND THE SPIRITUALISTS, reviewed by Renée Haynes, Journal 52, 1983, pp. 133-5. Describes the Victorian critic’s vacillating feelings about spiritualism and mediums. ‘This fascinating monograph illuminates very vividly not only the figure of Ruskin himself but an unfamiliar aspect of the social and intellectual landscape in which psychical research developed.’ book review/beliefs/spiritualism/survival

Gallup Jr, George. ADVENTURES IN IMMORTALITY: A LOOK BEYOND THE THRESHOLD OF DEATH, reviewed by Susan Blackmore, Journal 52, 1983, pp. 215-7. Survey of beliefs and attitudes towards immortality by the Gallup organisation, intended more for the general reader than serious researcher. book review/survival/beliefs

Perry, Michael. PSYCHIC STUDIES: A CHRISTIAN’S VIEW, reviewed by Moore, E. Garth, Journal 53, 1985, pp. 48-9. Aims to "build bridges’ between religion and psychical research, with chapters on ‘death and dying’, ‘resurrection and reincarnation’, ‘angels’ and ‘all souls’. book review/survival/beliefs

Lorimer, David. SURVIVAL? BODY, MIND AND DEATH IN THE LIGHT OF PSYCHIC EXPERIENCE, reviewed by Karlis Osis, Journal 53, 1985, pp. 108-111. Comprehensive and sympathetic overview of data indicating survival of death, encompassing both the religious and philosophical background and modern psychical research. ? sparkling book...’. book review/survival/beliefs/theory

Lund, David H. DEATH & CONSCIOUSNESS, reviewed by M.H. Coleman, Journal 53, 1986, pp. 463-6. Wide ranging of evidence suggestive of survival, including OBEs, apparitions and hauntings, mental mediumship and cross-correspondences, and reincarnation. The reviewer finds the topics of interest but argues the author has insufficient space to consider them adequately. book review/survival/consciousness/psi

Grosso, Michael. THE FINAL CHOICE: PLAYING THE SURVIVAL GAME, reviewed by J.L. Randall, Journal 55, 1988, pp. 36-7. Scholarly study that attempts to put survival evidence into the wider context of death and afterlife. This is a difficult book, and a very provocative book, but well worth reading by anyone who is seeking a deeper insight into the events of our time, and the possible role which psychical and spiritual phenomena may play in those events’. book review/survival/theory

Blackley, Ramsay S. AS IN ADAM ALL DIE..., reviewed by James F. McHarg, Journal 55, 1988, pp. 99-101. A sceptic offers arguments for his contention that human consciousness ends with death, citing the lack of any kind of vision when he personally came close to death, and fraud and gullibility by believers of the paranormal. Possibly correct, but poorly argued and superficial, says the reviewer. CORRESPONDENCE, Journal 55, 1988, pp. 310-11. book review/survival/consciousness

Mattiesen, Emil. DAS PERSOENLICHE UEBERLEBEN DES TODES, reviewed by Manfred Cassirer, Journal 55, 1988, p. 160. A discussion of the evidence for survival of human personality. book review/survival

Almeder, Robert. BEYOND DEATH: EVIDENCE FOR LIFE AFTER DEATH, reviewed by Michael Coleman, Journal 55, 1989, pp. 370-74. An academic philosopher is convinced by his reading of survival evidence: reincarnation, apparitions, out-of-body experiences, and mediumistic communications. The reviewer offers several objections and finds the treatment superficial. book review/survival

Schiebler, Werner. MISCELLANEOUS [GERMAN] PUBLICATIONS, reviewed by Manfred Cassirer, Journal 58, 1992, pp. 211-4. A series of books and pamphlets published by a German author on spiritualistic subjects, from materialisation mediums to the nature of afterlife. book review/spiritualism/physical mediumship/survival

Best, J.E. LINK AND COMMUNIQUÉ, reviewed by Denise Iredell, Journal 59, 1993, pp. 69-71. A spiritualist with a scientific background passes on insights about afterlife gleaned from deceased communicators, and argues that quantum physics can explain the nature of life after death. book review/spiritualism/survival/physical

Almeder, Robert. DEATH AND PERSONAL SURVIVAL: THE EVIDENCE FOR LIFE AFTER DEATH, reviewed by John Beloff, Journal 59, 1993, pp. 153-5. A philosopher proposes key episodes in psychical research as proof of survival of death, with claims and counter-claims rigorously considered. book review/survival/theory

Williams, Gary. A LIFE BEYOND DEATH, reviewed by Colin Wilson, Journal 59, 1993, pp. 299-301. Presents evidence for survival of death. ‘Lively and informative’. book review/survival

Edwards, Paul, ed. IMMORTALITY, reviewed by Geoffrey Madell, Journal 59, 1993, pp. 151-2. Collection of thirty-four pieces on the mind/body problem and the problem of personal identity. book review/consciousness/survival

Becker, Carl C. PARANORMAL EXPERIENCE AND SURVIVAL OF DEATH, reviewed by Michael Coleman, Journal 60, 1994, pp. 110-12. Arguments in favour of survival, covering reincarnation, apparitions, the near-death experience, and the philosophy of science. The reviewer criticises it as incomplete and sometimes inaccurate. book review/survival/psi

Roy, Archie E. THE ARCHIVES OF THE MIND, reviewed by Alan Gauld, Journal 62, 1997, pp. 163-9. A former astronomy professor and SPR President offers from the literature of psychical research a collection of cases suggesting survival of death. A sympathetic review discusses the author’s attempt to persuade readers that the cases he describes are important; his concerns about scientists’ scepticism; and the theoretical analogy he offers to help make sense of the phenomena. book review/survival

Darling, David. AFTER LIFE: IN SEARCH OF COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS, reviewed by J.C.Poynton, Journal 61, 1996, pp. 260-65. An investigation of brain, consciousness and self, with reference to claims of survival of death in general and the near-death experience in particular. Dismissive of early psychical research, but selectively sympathetic to the NDE. book review/psi/survival/near death experiences

Lagrand, Louis. AFTER DEATH COMMUNICATION, reviewed by David Fontana, Journal 62, 1997, pp. 272-3. Discussion of communications appearing to come from the dead but without being actively sought by the recipients. By a New York State University professor and health professional with over 35 years’ experience of working with the bereaved. ? doubt if there has been a better book of ADCs, or one written with more genuine feeling for the grief- and in many cases subsequent reassurance and rejoicing - of people who have suffered the loss of those they love.’ See also: Fontana, David, et al. OBITUARY: RALPH NOYES, Journal 62, 1998, pp. 476-9. Fontana, David. THREE EXPERIENCES POSSIBLY SUGGESTIVE OF SURVIVAL, Journal 64, 2000, pp. 39-45. book review/spontaneous psi/survival

Berger, Arthur S. & Berger, Joyce. FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN: ENLIGHTENED AID-IN-DYING, reviewed by John Beloff, Journal 62, 1997, pp. 279-80. Evidence of survival presented to help bring comfort for the dying, although the authors are not themselves convinced that survival is a fact. book review/survival

Lee-Wood, Anna. MOMENTS OF TRUTH, reviewed by Peter Hallson, Journal 63, 1998, p. 52. Afterlife messages, of interest to Spiritualists and Christians, less so to parapsychologists or those seeking convincing evidence. book review/survival/beliefs

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