Book Reviews: Theories and Speculations

Barrett, W.F. ON THE THRESHOLD OF A NEW WORLD OF THOUGHT, reviewed by H. Arthur Smith, Journal 13, 1908, pp. 275-6. Discusses the failure of psychical research after 25 years to establish the genuineness of its subject matter. book review/psi/theory 

Boirac, Emile. LA PSYCHOLOGIE INCONNUE: INTRODUCTION ET CONTRIBUTION A L’ETUDE EXPERIMENTALE DES SCIENCES PSYCHIQUES, reviewed by Eleanor Sidgwick, Journal 13, 1908, pp. 285-8. Argues for a ‘psychic force’ emanating from some human bodies in a way to influence others, which the author regards as the basis of telepathy and psychokinesis. book review/psi/theory 

Munsterberg, Hugo. PSYCHOTHERAPY, reviewed by W. M’D, Journal 14, 1910, pp. 402-3. Ironic review of a work by a noted sceptic, which seeks to popularise the principles of modern psychology while dogmatically insisting on a mechanistic approach to psychical research. book review/psi/theory 

Barrett, W.F. PSYCHICAL RESEARCH, Journal 15, 1911, pp. 148-50. Introduction to the work of the Society. book review/psi 

McDougall, William. BODY AND MIND: A HISTORY AND A DEFENCE OF ANIMISM, reviewed by Gerald W. Balfour, Proceedings 26, 1912, pp. 344-67. Study of human doctrines and ideas concerning the existence of an animating principle independent of the body. book review/consciousness/theory 

Pitt, St. G. L. Fox. THE PURPOSE OF EDUCATION, Journal 16, 1914, pp, 250-51. Urges that education rely less on the concrete and tangible than on the ‘spiritual side of our nature’. book review/theory 

Bruce, H. Addington. ADVENTURINGS IN THE PSYCHICAL, Journal 16, 1914, pp. 253-4. Discussion of psychical research. book review/psi/theory 

Maeterlinck, Maurice. THE UNKNOWN GUEST, reviewed by F.C.S. Schiller, Journal 17, 1915, pp. 14-16. Essay based on the Society’s work, welcomed by the reviewer, but also criticised for sometimes betraying an incautious and over-enthusiastic approach. book review/psi/theory 

Carrington, Hereward. MODERN PSYCHICAL PHENOMENA, Journal 19, 1920, p. 252. Theoretical speculations on wide range of topics, including crystal gazing and psychic photography. book review/psi/theory 

Bergson, Henri. L’ENERGIE SPIRITUELLE, Journal 19, 1920, pp. 267-8. Collected essays by the French dualist philosopher. book review/psi/theory

Kingsford, S.M. PSYCHICAL RESEARCH FOR THE PLAIN MAN, Journal 19, 1920, pp. 283-4. Evidence of the supernormal based on SPR research. CORRESPONDENCE, Journal 20, 1921, pp. 50-51. book review/psi

Richardson, C.A. SPIRITUAL PLURALISM AND RECENT PHILOSOPHY, reviewed by F.C.S.Schiller, Journal 19, 1920, pp. 201-4. A philosopher draws on psychical research for metaphysical speculations. book review/psi/theory

Dessoir, Max. VOM JENSEITS DER SEELE, reviewed by F.S.C. Schiller, Proceedings 32, 1921, pp. 146-7. Discussion of psychical research by a Germany psychologist, whose position of critical interest is compared to that of Frank Podmore. A review of the revised sixth edition by Theodore Besterman is in Journal 27, 1931, pp. 118-20. book review/psi/theory

Hollander, Bernard. IN SEARCH OF THE SOUL AND THE MECHANISM OF THOUGHT, EMOTION AND CONDUCT, reviewed by F.C.S. Schiller, Journal 20, 1921, pp. 25-7. Treatise containing some speculations on psychical matters and their relation to science. book review/psi/theory

Smith [Carington], W. Whately. THE FOUNDATIONS OF SPIRITUALISM, Journal 20, 1921, p. 25. Introduction to psychical research. book review/psi

Tischner, R. EINFUHRUNG IN DEN OKKULTISMUS UN SPIRITISMUS, reviewed by F.C.S. Schiller, Proceedings 33, 1922, pp. 435-7. Introduction for German readers to psychical research, encompassing much of the Society’s work. book review/psi/theory

Konstantin, T. OCCULTISM AND MODERN SCIENCE, reviewed by E.J. Dingwall, Journal 21, 1923, pp. 78-80. ‘.. .brief but cautious survey of the present position of psychical research’. book review/psi/theory

MacKenzie, W. METAPSYCHICA MODERNA, Journal 21, 1923, pp. 126-8. Italian review of psychical research. book review/psi

Wagner, Adolf. DAS ZWECKGESETZ, Journal 21, 1924, pp. 253-4. Refutation of mechanistic theory of life by a Swiss biologist. book review/psi/theory

Tischner, Rudolf. GESCHICHTE DER OKKULTISCHEN FORSCHUNG VON DER ANTIKE BIS ZUR GEGENWART, Journal 21, 1924, pp. 336-7. History of the occult. book review/psi

Baerwald, Richard. DER OKKULTISMUS IN URKUNDEN 2, ed Max Dessoir, reviewed by F.C.S. Schiller, Proceedings 36, 1926, pp. 333-40. Introduction to paranormal topics for German readers, with reference to the work of the SPR. book review/psi

Holms, A. Campbell. THE FACTS OF PSYCHIC SCIENCE AND PHILOSOPHY COLLATED AND DISCUSSED, Journal 23, 1926, pp. 50-51. Introduction to psychic research marred by the view that conjurers whose tricks cannot be explained are probably mediums. book review/psi/magic

Tischner, Rudolf. EINFUHRING IN DEN OKKULTISMUS UNO SPIRITISMUS, Journal 23, 1926, pp. 51-2. German survey of psychic research. book review/psi

Sudre, Rene. INTRODUCTION A LA MÉTAPHYSIQUE, Journal 23, 1926, pp. 79-81. Survey of psychical research and discussion of its philosophical implications. book review/psi/theory

Jaschke, Von Willy K. DIE PARAPSYCHOLOGISCHEN ERSCHEINUNGEN, reviewed by E.J. Dingwall, Journal 24, 1927, p. 76. Short account of psychical phenomena. book review/psi

Bennett, E.N. APPOLLONIUS, OR THE PRESENT AND FUTURE OF PSYCHICAL RESEARCH, reviewed by F.C.S. Schiller, Journal 24, 1927, pp. 90-91. Brief survey of psychical research. book review/psi

Messer, August. WISSENSCHAFTLICHER OKKULTISMUS, reviewed by F.C.S. Schiller, Journal 24, 1927, pp. 139-40. ‘...excellent little introduction to psychical research’. book review/psi

Lodge, Oliver et al. THE CASE FOR AND AGAINST PSYCHICAL BELIEF, reviewed by Theodore Besterman, Journal 24, 1927, pp. 104-7. Symposium lectures on the aims and value of psychical research, with contributions by Lodge, Conan Doyle, Blight Bond, Walter Franklin Prince, L.R.G. Crandon (husband of ‘Margery’), F.C.S. Schiller, and Gardner Murphy. The sceptics’ viewpoint is made by Harry Houdini and Joseph Jastrow. book review/psi/theory

Dunne, J.W. AN EXPERIMENT WITH TIME, reviewed by S.G. Soal, Journal 24, 1927, pp. 119-23. Classic study of dream precognition, based on the author’s personal experiences. The reviewer offers a critique of his theoretical explanations. A review of a new edition, by G.N.W. Tyrrell, offers further discussion: Journal 28, 1934, pp. 270-74. book review/volitional psi/altered states/dreams/precognition

Herrick, C. Judson. FATALISM OR FREEDOM: A BIOLOGIST’S ANSWER, Journal 24, 1927, p. 163. Concludes that ‘real freedom is freedom by adaptation, that is, natural freedom’. book review/theory

Joad, C.E.M. THE MIND AND ITS WORKINGS, Journal 24, 1927, p. 163. Essay on mind-body theories. consciousness/theory

Sinel, Joseph. THE SIXTH SENSE: A PHYSICAL EXPLANATION OF CLAIRVOYANCE, TELEPATHY, HYPNOTISM, DREAMS AND OTHE RPHENOMENA USUALLY CONSIDERED OCCULT, reviewed by F.C.S. Schiller, Journal 24, 1927, pp. 138-9. Argues that the pineal gland of the brain is the active agent in clairvoyance and telepathy. The reviewer rejects the thesis and expresses doubts about the author’s experimental reliability. CORRESPONDENCE, Journal 24, 1928, pp. 255-6. The reviewer comments on the controversy arising from his remarks. book review/spontaneous psi/volitonal psi/theory

Driesch, Hans. MIND AND BODY: A CRITICISM OF PSYCHOPHYSICAL PARALLELISM, reviewed by F.C.S. Schiller, Journal 24, 1927, pp. 158-60. Philosophical study of the mind-body problem, arguing that while ‘the physical thing consists of very few elements, and perhaps of only one, the mental ‘thing’ comprises a large number of different kinds of psychical ‘elements’. CORRESPONDENCE, p. 208. book review/consciousness/personality/theory

Vesme, C. de. HISTOIRE DU SPIRITUALISME EXPERIMENTAL, Journal 24, 1928, p. 240. ‘.. .unsystematic survey of a variety of mysterious phenomena... ‘. book review/psi

Palmer, E. Clephan. THE RIDDLE OF SPIRITUALISM, Journal 24, 1928, p. 240. A journalist decides in favour of sceptics of psychical research, but without consulting experts. book review/psi/beliefs/theory

Baerwald, Richard. OKKULTISMUS UNO SPIRITISMUS UNDIHRE WELTANSCHAULICHE FOLGERUNGEN, reviewed by P. Solovovo, Journal 24, 1928, pp. 289-92. Critical study of psychical phenomena. book review/psi

Gordon, George Lindsay. THE GREAT PROBLEM AND THE EVIDENCE FOR ITS SOLUTION, Journal 24, 1928, pp. 293-4. Historical and contemporary survey of psychical research, poorly reviewed. book review/psi

Driesch, Hans. DER MENSCH UND DIE WELT, Journal 24, 1928, p. 399. Philosophical problems of man in his relation to the world, with indirect relevance to psychical research. book review/consciousness/psi

Lambert, Helen C. A GENERAL SURVEY OF PSYCHICAL PHENOMENA, Journal 24, 1928, pp. 399-40. Popular digest of the author’s contributions to American research Journalsbook review/psi

Suringar, J. Valckenier. VERSCHIJNSELEN VAN GEDACHTEN-OVERDRACHT, Journal 25, 1929, p. 95. Summary of evidence for thought-transference, clairvoyance, psychometry, possession, survival, etc. book review/psi

Schole, Heinrich. OKKULTISMUS UND WISSENSCHAFT, Journal 25, 1929, p. 96. Expresses total scepticism about the phenomena of psychical research and demonstrates how to produce pseudo-telepathic phenomena. book review/psi/magic/cheating

Képhren, K. LA TRANSMISSION DE PENSEE, reviewed by Theodore Besterman, Journal 25, 1929, p. 165. Theoretical discussions of thought-transference and kindred subjects. book review/volitional psi/spontaneous psi/telepathy/theory

Anon. THE ENCYCLOPAEDIA BRITANNICA, Journal 25, 1929, pp. 164-5. The space given to psychical research in the newly Americanised publication is drastically reduced. book review/psi

Gruber, Karl. OKULTISMUS UND BIOLOGIE, Journal 26, 1930, p. 81. Collection of papers by a German researcher, associate of Schrenck-Notzing. book review/psi

Brath, Stanley de. THE DRAMA OF EUROPE, OR THE SOUL OF HISTORY, reviewed by A.W. Trethewy, Journal 26, 1930, pp. 99-100. Study of history as the effect of a law of spiritual consequence. book review/beliefs

Carrington, Hereward. THE STORY OF PSYCHIC SCIENCE, reviewed by W.H. Salter, pp. Journal 26, 1930, pp. 141-2. Summary of the findings of psychical research by an experienced investigator. book review/psi

Anon. PSEUDO-PROPHECIES AND PSEUDO-SCIENCES, reviewed by Eleanor Sidgwick, Journal 26, 1930, p. 144. Critical analysis of astrology, numerology, palmistry, prophecy, etc. book review/psi/theory

Besterman, Theodore, (ed.) TRANSACTIONS OF THE FOURTH INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS FOR PSYCHICAL RESEARCH, reviewed by Gardner Murphy, Proceedings 40, 1931, pp. 99-104. Papers include suggestions by W. Salter for bringing order to the investigation of mediums, a German poltergeist report, an account of "bleeding1 religious pictures, the status of psychical research, long-distance telepathy experiments. book review/psi

Saupe, E. (ed.) EINFUHRUING IN DIE NEUERE PSYCHOLOGIE, reviewed by Theodore Besterman, Journal 27, 1931, p. 42. Study of psychical research conducted by university professors. book review/psi

Prince, Walter Franklin. THE ENCHANTED BOUNDARY, reviewed by Theodore Besterman, Proceedings 39, 1931, pp. 415-8. Ironic repose to uninformed sceptics of psychical research. book review/psi/theory

Brath, Stanley de. THE PHYSICAL PHENOMENA OF SPIRITUALISM, reviewed by J.A.H., Journal 27, 1931, pp. 38-40. Compilation of facts and conclusions regarding dowsing, raps, telekinesis, hauntings, apports, direct voice, materialisation, with quotations from leading investigators. book review/psi

Lafora, Gonzalo R. DON JUAN AND OTHER PSYCHOLOGICAL STUDIES, Journal 27, 1931, pp. 7-8. Five essays, including one on ‘spiritism’. book review/psi

Cailliet, Emile. LA PROHIBITION DE L’OCCULTE, reviewed by Theodore Besterman, Journal 27, 1931, p. 8. Argues that scientific prejudice against psychical research is based on ‘an unconscious though natural and deeply-rooted metaphysic’. book reviewp/psi

Servadio, Emilio. LA RICERCA PSICHICA, Journal 27, 1931, p. 9. Compact history of psychical research. book review/psi

Bret, P. Thomas. PRECIS DE METAPSYCHIQUE, reviewed by Helen Salter, Journal 27, 1931-2, pp. 225-6. Also Journal 28, 1933, p. 47. Study of the theoretical basis of psychical research. book review/psi/theory

Thomson, J. Arthur. SCIENTIFIC RIDDLES, reviewed by J.G.P., Journal 27, 1932, pp. 348-9. A scientist engages with the problems presented by psychical research. book review/psi/theory

Bavink, Bernhard. THE ANATOMY OF MODERN SCIENCE, reviewed by Gerald Heard, Journal 28, 1933, pp. 7-9. Refers to the facts of psychical research to argue that a materialist explanation of the physical universe is no longer possible. book review/psi/theory

Driesch, Hans. PARAPSYCHOLGIE: DIE WISSENSCHAFT VON DEN OKKULTEN’ ERSCHEINUNGEN, reviewed by Helen Salter, Journal 28, 1933, pp. 29-30. Offers guidance to psychical researchers in observation and theoretical interpretation. book review/psi/methodology

Carrington, Hereward. A PRIMER OF PSYCHICAL RESEARCH, reviewed by E.S.T., Journal 28, 1933, pp. 47-8. Introduction to psychical research, lacking precision and objectivity, according to the review. book review/psi/theory

Schrenck-Notzing, A. von. DIE ENTWICKLUNGEN DES OKKULTISMUS ZUR PARAPSYCHOLOGIE IN DEUTSCHLAND, reviewed by R. Lambert, Journal 28, 1933, pp. 115-6. Discusses the development of psychical research in Germany, suggesting that its recognition by science was facilitated by the support of Professors Driesch and Oesterreich. book review/psi/theory

Hill, J.A. LETTERS FROM SIR OLIVER LODGE, reviewed by E. Lyttelton, Journal 28, 1933, pp. 116-7. Letters written by the physicist and psychical researcher to the author on a range of subjects. book review/psi/theory

Carington, Whately. THE DEATH OF MATERIALISM, reviewed by H.F. Saltmarsh, Journal 28, 1933, pp. 131-3. Detailed attack on materialism, with the main target the mechanist explanations offered by biology and psychology. book review/psi/theory

Lodge, Oliver. MY PHILOSOPHY, reviewed by Whately Carrington, Journal 28, 1933, pp. 145-7. The physicist defends his doctrine of an objective ether of space. book review/physics/theory

Driesch, Hans. PSYCHICAL RESEARCH, reviewed by Whately Carrington, Journal 28, 1933, p. 159. Survey by the German philosopher, accepting the genuineness of telepathy but uncertain as to the true explanation of mediumistic communications. book review/psi/theory

Fodor, Nandor. ENCYLOPAEDIA OF PSYCHIC SCIENCE, reviewed by W.H. Salter, Journal 28, 1934, pp. 207-9. Wide-ranging reference work on episodes in the history of psychical research, including articles, biographies of researchers and mediums, accounts of research societies and publications, as well as theoretical accounts. The review makes some criticisms of the author’s leniency in dealing with charges of fraud and his hostility to the Society’s stance on physical phenomena, also the inaccurate claim of mass defections following the resignation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle from the Society. book review/psi/theory/methodology

Richet, Charles. LA GRANDE ESPERANCE, reviewed by Helen Salter, Journal 28, 1934, p. 211. The French physiologist and psychical researcher offers a personal view on the intellectual development of humanity, in which he believes psychical research will play a major role. The review notes that he ‘accepts as established cryptaesthesia (including telepathy), ectoplasmic phenomena and telekinesis’ and does not reject survival unconditionally. book review/psi/theory

Anon. PROBLEMY METAPSYCHOLOGIE, reviewed by W.H. Salter, Journal 28, 1934, pp. 209-10. Enquiry by a Czech newspaper on the state of psychical research in European countries, based on the answers to a questionnaire. The review gives some indication of views concerning the existence of distinctive English and French positions, and hedging on the question of survival. book review/psi/theory

Besterman, Theodore. INQUIRY INTO THE UNKNOWN, reviewed by E.R.D., Journal 28, 1934, pp. 310-11. Talks given during a BBC Symposium, with sceptics represented by Professor Seligman, and psychical research by Dame Edith Lyttelton, Oliver Lodge and others. book review/psi/theory

Coster, Geraldine. YOGA AND WESTERN PSYCHOLOGY: A COMPARISON, reviewed by Gerald Heard, Journal 29, 1935, pp. 43-5. Links modern discoveries of science with the wisdom of the East. book review/beliefs/theory

Dunne, J.W. THE SERIAL UNIVERSE, reviewed by H.F. Saltmarsh, Journal 29, 1935, pp. 42-3. Elaborates the theory of Serialism introduced in Dunne’s first book An Experiment With Time, applying it to concepts of modern physics such as quantum mechanics. book review/spontaneous psi/precognition/physics/theory

Broad, C.D ‘MR DUNNE’S THEORY OF TIME IN AN EXPERIMENT WITH TIME’ in PHILOSOPHY, reviewed by H.F. Salter, Journal 29, 1935, pp. 109-10. A critique of Dunne’s theories by the Cambridge philosopher. book review/spontaneous psi/precognition/physics/theory

Moser, von F. OKKULTISMUS: TAUSCHUNGEN UNO TATSACHEN, reviewed by P-P. Solovovo, Journal 29, 1935, pp. 135-7. Weighty and wide-ranging survey on psychical research, with analysis and commentary on the literature of mediums, telepathy, apparitions, etc. book review/psi/theory

Tubby, Gertrude Ogden. PSYCHICS AND MEDIUMS: A MANUAL AND BIBLIOGRAPHY FOR STUDENTS, Journal 29, 1935, pp. 138-9. Advice to beginners, for study and the exercise of personal psychic faculties. book review/psi/theory/methodology

Carrel, Alexis. MAN THE UNKNOWN, reviewed by T.W. Mitchell, Journal 29, 1936, pp. 265-7. A well-known scientist argues that, ‘whereas the sciences of inert matter have made immense progress, those of living beings remain in a rudimentary state. The directions in which science has developed have led to "the brutal materialism of our civilisation" and modern conditions of life have brought about a "state of intellectual, moral and physiological atrophy" ‘. book review/consciousness/theory

Kourmoulis, Telemachus. THE HALLUCINATIONS OF LOGOCRATIA, reviewed by W.H. Salter, Journal 29, 1936, p. 267. Discusses philosophical, psychological and ethical problems of concern to psychical research. book review/psi/theory

Eagle, Albert. THE PHILOSOPHY OF RELIGION VERSUS THE PHILOSOPHY OF SCIENCE, reviewed by W.H. Salter, Journal 29, 1936, p. 296. Attack on science with relevance to psychical research, of which, however, the author seems to know little. book review/psi/theory

Tanagras, A. LE DESTIN ET LA CHANCE, reviewed by C.V.C.H., Journal 29, 1936, pp. 219-20. Proposes that energy from disturbances in the unconscious mind can exteriorise, causing telepathic, PK and other effects. book review/psi/theory

Thomson, Sir J.J. RECOLLECTIONS AND REFLECTIONS, reviewed by Helen Salter, Journal 30, 1937, pp. 31-2. Reminiscences by a distinguished physicist, vice-president of the Society, with a chapter on psychical research. book review/psi/physics

Tyrrell, G.N.M. SCIENCE AND PSYCHICAL PHENOMENA, reviewed W.H. Salter, Proceedings 45, 1938, pp. 88-96. Survey of psychical research, with examples and theoretical approaches to spontaneous and experimental ESP, and the mediumistic trance, with comments on the telepathic and survivalist interpretations of ostensibly spiritistic material. book review/psi/theory

Anon. KNOWLEDGE AND FOREKNOWLEDGE, reviewed by H.F. Saltmarsh, Proceedings 45, 1938, pp. 88-96. Symposium papers, including contributions by philosophers C.D. Broad and H.H. Price on foreknowledge, described briefly by the reviewer. book review/psi/precognition/theory

Carrington, Hereward. THE PSYCHIC WORLD, Journal 30, 1938, p. 228. Collection of studies and articles published in different Journals on various topics relating to psychical research. book review/psi

Richmond, Zoe. EVIDENCE OF PURPOSE (‘PSYCHICAL EXPERIENCES’ Series), reviewed by N. W., Journal 30, 1938, pp.239-40. Readable introduction to the material of psychical research. book review/psi

Bozzano, Ernesto. DISCARNATE INFLUENCE IN HUMAN LIFE, reviewed by H. F. Saltmarsh, Journal 30, 1938, pp. 277-8. Argues that the existence of a supernormal subliminal faculty, here called ‘animism’, is not a product of evolution and tends to prove the claims of spiritualism. The review doubts the value of the claims, but praises the quality of case material used. book review/psi/theory

McDougall, William. THE RIDDLE OF LIFE, reviewed by G. N. M. Tyrrell, Journal 31, 1939, pp. 10-12. Review of biological theories of life based on mechanical genetics. book review/consciousness/theory

Poortman, Johannes T. DREIVORTRAGE UBER PHILOSOPHIE UNO PARAPSYCHOLOGIE, reviewed by Hans Driesch, Journal 31, 1939, pp. 56-8. Three lectures: Kant, the relationship between parapsychology and philosophy, and the relationship between parapsychology and literature. book review/psi/theory

Warcollier, René. EXPERIMENTS IN TELEPATHY, reviewed by G. N. M. Tyrrell, Journal 31, 1939, pp. 130-31. English translation of writings by a French investigator, offering theoretical deductions as to the mode of working of telepathy drawn from his experiments. book review/spontaneous psi/volitional psi/telepathy/theory

Price, Harry. FIFTY YEARS OF PSYCHICAL RESEARCH: A CRITICAL SURVEY. Reviewed by E. J. Dingwall, Journal 31, 1939, p. 132. Full survey by the well-known psychical researcher, not associated with the SPR. CORRESPONDENCE, Journal 31, 1939, pp. 125-6. book review/psi

Carrington, Hereward. PSYCHOLOGY IN THE LIGHT OF PSYCHIC PHENOMENA, reviewed by Ina Jephson, Journal 32, 1941, pp. 66-8. Pleads the great importance of psychical research to philosophy and psychology. book review/psi/theory

Dunne, J. W. NOTHING DIES, reviewed by K. R., Journal 32, 1941, pp. 87-8. The author of Experiment With Time sets out his theory of existence in time for readers with little knowledge of science and mathematics. book review/psi/survival/theory

Rhine, J.B. ‘IT FOLLOWS FROM ESP’ in JASPR 35, 1941, reviewed by Kenneth Richmond, Journal 32, 1941, pp. 123-4. Essay reflecting on the nature and implications of ESP, as a mental event that is independent of space and time ‘.. .discussion of the psycho-physical problem must either be desultory and inconclusive, recognising our lack of knowledge, or else draw upon the inventive imagination: Dr Rhine prefers to leave his speculations scrappy but within touch of conclusions from observation and experiment, and at the same time leaves the reader at liberty to speculate in his own way’. book review/psi/theory

Gowan, Captain C.H.B. THE SCIENTIFIC CLAIMS OF PSYCHICAL RESEARCH. The Hibbert Jnl, Vol. XL, No.l, Oct. 1941, reviewed by K.R., Journal 32, 1942, pp. 147-8. Expresses frustration at the failure of the science establishment to take seriously the claims of psychical research and suggests pressure be applied to change its view. book review/psi/theory

Schrodinger, Erwin. WHAT IS LIFE?, reviewed by A. J. C. Wilson, Journal 33, 1946, pp. 242-3. Argues that the laws of chemistry and physics, as presently constituted, fail to account for the degree of organisation that leads to the phenomena of life. Includes an epilogue on determinism and free will, arguing that there is a ‘single consciousness for the universe, and we are windows through which it manifests.’ The reviewer points out that the SPR researcher Whately Carington ‘has arrived at somewhat the same conclusion through his telepathic experiments: so far as these phenomena are concerned, things happen not as if many minds were involved, but only one’. book review/psi/physics/theory

Dessoir, Max. BUCK DER ERINNERUNG, reviewed by E. J. Dingwall, Journal 33, 1946, pp. 263-4. Memoir by the German philosopher, psychologist and psychical researcher, reflecting on the currents of thought leading up to the war. Features reminiscences of contemporary European researchers, including a largely negative account of the leading German figure in the field, Schrenck-Notzing. book review/psi/theory

Tyrrell, G.N.M. THE PERSONALITY OF MAN, Journal 34, 1947, pp. 98-100. Commentary, analysis and speculation on the facts of psychical research relative to human consciousness. ‘Nine years ago Mr Tyrrell laid all psychical researchers under a heavy debt of gratitude by producing in his Science and Psychical Phenomena much the best survey of their subject that had appeared for a generation. He has now repeated his success with a book on a smaller scale...’. book review/psi/theory

Anspacher, Louis K. CHALLENGE OF THE UNKNOWN, Journal 34, 1947, p. 100. Wide-ranging study of psychical research by an American philosopher. book review/psi

Ehrenwald, Jan. TELEPATHY AND MEDICAL PSYCHOLOGY, Journal 34, 1948, pp. 211-5. Theory of telepathy based on principles of abnormal psychology. CORRESPONDENCE, Journal 35, 1949, pp. 45-6. book review/spontaneous psi/telepathy/personality/theory

Tromp, S.W. THE RELIGION OF THE MODERN SCIENTIST, Journal 34, 1948, pp. 252-3. Proposes that the phenomena of psychical research can be explained within the materialist framework. book review/psi/theory

Dessoir, Max. DAS ICH, DER TRAUM, DER TOD, [THE EGO, DREAMS AND DEATH], Journal 34, 1948, p. 255. Short survey of the field of psychical research, by a sympathetic German philosopher. book review/psi

Carington, Whately. MATTER, MIND AND MEANING, reviewed by C.D. Broad, Proceedings 49, 1949, pp. 51-2. Unfinished philosophical work, completed by H.H. Price and posthumously published, considered by the reviewer to be interesting for Price’s introduction and as an introduction to the works of other philosophers on which the author bases his ideas. book review/consciousness/theory

Tute, Richard Clifford. AFTER MATERIALISM - WHAT?, Journal 35, 1949, p. 90. Brief investigation, favouring the existence of a multi-dimensional universe. book review/psi/physics/theory

Zorab, G. WONDEREN DER PARPSYCHOLGIE, Journal 35, 1950, p. 217. Dutch language introduction to parapsychology. book review/psi

Payne, Phoebe D. & Bendit, Laurence J. THIS WORLD AND THAT: AN ANALYTICAL STUDY OF PSYCHIC COMMUNICATION, Journal 35, 1950, pp. 245-8. Wide ranging study of psychic phenomena. CORRESPONDENCE, Journal 35, 1950, pp. 293-4. book review/psi

Tischner, Rudolf. ERGEBNISSE OKKULTER FORSCHUNG, Journal 35, 1950, pp. 312-3. Survey of paranormal phenomena. book review/psi

Anon. PROC. OF THE SCIENTIFIC AND TECHNICAL CONGRESS OF RADIONICS AND RADIESTHESIA, Journal 36, 1951, pp. 504-5. Papers on various kinds of radiation and emanation: odic force, human, earth, etc. book review/physics/theory

Moncrieff, M.M. THE CLAIRVOYANT THEORY OF PERCEPTION, Journal 36, 1951, pp. 523-4. A neurological theory of clairvoyance. CORRESPONDENCE, pp. 602-5, 636-7. book review/psi/clairvoyance/theory

Langham, James. MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE, Journal 36, 1952, pp. 600-601. Popular introduction to psychic phenomena. book review/psi

Rawcliffe, D.H. THE PSYCHOLOGY OF THE OCCULT, Journal 36, 1952, pp. 624-7. Debunking of psychical research. CORRESPONDENCE, pp. 633-4. book review/psi

Smith, Alson J. THE PSYCHIC SOURCE BOOK, Journal 36, 1952, pp. 627-8. Wide ranging introduction to the phenomena of parapsychology. book review/psi

Tyrrell, G.N.M. HOMO FABER: A STUDY OF MAN’S MENTAL EVOLUTION, Journal 36, 1952, pp. 679-81. Philosophical analysis demonstrating the need for a non-specialist approach to human existence that science cannot provide. book review/consciousness/theory

Hettinger, J. TELEPATHY AND SPIRITUALISM, Journal 36, 1952, pp. 723-6. Miscellany of experiments, experiences and visions by an investigator of mediums. CORRESPONDENCE, Journal 37, 1953, pp. 42-4, 82. book review/telepathy/psi

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Varvoglis, Mario. PSI EXPLORER: UNFOLDING THE MIND’S POTENTIALS (INTERACTIVE CD ROM), reviewed by David Fontana, Journal 63, 1998, pp. 50-52. Interactive exploration tool with five areas: information on psi theories; presentation of main parapsychological experiments; personal test of telepathy powers; relaxation experience; video game; resource centre. book review/psi/methodology

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Tinoco, Carlos A. PARAPSICOLOGIA ? CIENCIA, reviewed by Guy Lyon Playfair, Journal 63, 1999, p. 314. Brazilian study of parapsychology. ‘The book is well laid out and clearly written, and the author packs a good deal into his seven chapters, which cover all aspects of parapsychology from the sociological, philosophical and epistemological to the practical. He shows that while much has been learned about psi, the lack of a general theory has led to its continuing rejection by mainstream science’. book review/psi

Oram, Arthur. THE SYSTEM IN WHICH WE LIVE, reviewed by John L. Randall, Journal 63, 1999, pp. 314-7. Theoretical study by a veteran member of the SPR, seeking progress towards a ‘general conclusion’ to which all parapsychological data point, the lack of which was lamented by G.N.M. Tyrrell. The reviewer welcomes Gram’s consideration of existing theories and his attempts to relate them to the widest possible range of psychical phenomena, but is more critical of his ‘trusting’ attitude towards ostensible communications from the dead, with which a large part of the book is concerned. book review/psi/survival/theory

Blackmore, Susan. THE MEME MACHINE, reviewed by John Poynton, Journal 63, 1999, pp. 312-14. Materialist approach to consciousness, following evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins’s concept of the même, ‘a unit of cultural transmission, or a unit of imitation.’ Blackmore argues that we can satisfactorily live out our lives ‘as a complex interplay of replicators and environment, in the knowledge that that is all there is.’ The reviewer contests this view and the author’s materialist interpretation of Buddhist spirituality. book review/consciousness/theory

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Moody, Raymond A. THE LAST LAUGH: A NEW PHILOSOPHY OF NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCES, APPARITIONS, AND THE PARANORMAL, reviewed by Tony Lawrence, Journal 64,2000, pp. 50-52. Argues that the paranormal is best viewed as a form of entertainment, and that parapsychologists, sceptics, and fundamentalist Christians should be ignored. book review/psi/theory

Chambers, Paul. SEX AND THE PARANORMAL, reviewed by Leslie Price, Journal 64, 2000, p. 185. Little in the book to justify the title, according to the reviewer, who however makes some comments of his own regarding attitudes to sex by past psychical researchers. book review/psi

Lamont, P. & Wiseman, R. MAGIC IN THEORY, reviewed by Matthew Smith, Journal 64, 2000, pp. 248-9. Demonstrates the psychological trickery used by magicians, with the aim of helping parapsychologists spot false claims of psychic ability. book review/psi/theory/magic/cheating

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MacLellan, A.W. THE PHENOMENA OF PREDICTION, REMOTE VIEWING, OUT-OF-THE-BODY EXPERIENCES AND INSANITY, reviewed by Peter Hallson, Journal 66, 2002, p. 123. Theory of ESP as an effect of electro-magnetic radiation, in which the brain acts as a transmitter and receiver of radio waves. The review argues this fails to take account of the selectivity of ESP, nor the lack of any scientific observation of electromagnetic radiation in the human brain. book review/psi/electromagnetisni/theory

Whiteman, J.H.M. OLD AND NEW EVIDENCE ON THE MEANING OF LIFE: THE MYSTICAL WORLD-VIEW AND INNER CONTEST... VOL 2: THE DYNAMICS OF SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT, reviewed by John Poynton, Journal 66, 2002, pp. 185-7. ‘The focus of this volume is on individual life, inner growth and character development, yet this focus covers a very broad terrain of human existence from the agonised to the exalted, the murderous to the saintly, and physical to non-physical life. In keeping with his earlier work, Whiteman’s treatment rests on direct experience, not on conjecture based on some preconceived world-view’. book review/beliefs/psi/personality/theory