Arthur and Me, by Ann Treherne

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From the back cover: As a high achiever in the financial sector Ann Treherne seems amongst the least likely to believe in paranormal phenomena. But then as she describes frankly in this book, she was confronted by a profound personal experience - a traumatic premonition of a national tragedy.Her struggle to make sense of that experience and her sense of guilt for not having attempted to act on the information received, leads her on a journey of investigation and exploration into the strange world of the paranormal. Ann had the good fortune to meet an academic with a sympathetic interest in parapsychology and this gave her space to take her experiences seriously and to acquire skills in research and investigation methods. Part of her education involved participating in vigils in haunted locations, evaluating mental mediumship and sitting for physical phenomena. Even under these controlled conditions, she had some remarkable experiences ...

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Independently published, ISBN: 9781089225386.
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Arthur and Me, by Ann Treherne