Indizienbeweise für ein Leben nach dem Tod und die Wiedergeburt Band 2b: Rückführung in "frühere Leben" und deren Nachprüfung, by Dieter Hassler

Publication Details: Shaker Media, ISBN: 9783956313608.
Publish date: October, 2015

Geh’ zurück in eine Zeit… / Indizienbeweise für ein Leben nach dem Tod und die Wiedergeburt / Rückführungen in „frühere Leben“ und deren Nachprüfung [Go back in time . . ./Circumstantial Evidence for Life After Death and Rebirth/Regressions to “Past Lives” and Their Verification] by Dieter Hassler is a two-volume book in German which explores the validity of lives recalled in regressions. There are extensive bibliographical references with 37 cases purported to be validated. However, the reports are verified by the persons involved, not by independent researchers. Included is a survey of the history dating from the 18th century. Together with the case-reports this represents the first time such material has been published completely. The book is written for both professionals and laymen. It is well organized and well indexed with a comprehensive table of contents. There are many cross-references and an extensive glossary.

Contents of volume 2b (453 pages):
• Further 17 verified abbreviated cases
• 62 unverified abbreviated cases
• common features of cases presented
• karma and regression therapy
• regression into the interlife. Comparison with statements of children and check for consistency of the statements -
• past life regression therapy, results and relationship to reincarnation
• alternative explanations of past life recall
• how to find a regression therapists

This book was reviewed by Armin Albano-Müller in the Journal of the Society for Psychical Research, Vol. 80, No. 3.