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FULLY BOOKED - 7 p.m. SPR Lecture - Thursday, 13th February 2020 - JOHN FRASER - Are Poltergeists Rare? Or are all cases 'Intermediate' with a strange mix of phenomena?

In the SPR's PSI Encyclopedia, Barrie Colvin states that: “Poltergeist activity is very rare, and often lasts only a few days or weeks”. However, is that really the case?

Are we possibly misinterpreting events and cases and in effect missing the (poltergeist) elephant that is in the room, when it comes to modern paranormal research?

Taking historical cases, and cases investigated by himself, John Fraser explores this possibility and its possibly very significant implications for future research?  In doing so he also re-examines the concept of the 'Intermediate' case (mixed ghost and poltergeist phenomena) first coined by Alan Gauld and Tony Cornell in their ground-breaking book on the subject. 

This talk encompasses several key components of Fraser's forthcoming book Poltergeist - A New Investigation into Destructive Haunting (6th Books Winchester/Washington) to be published in July 2020. 

However, he should have a number of advanced review copies for sale at this talk. 

About John Fraser:

John Fraser is a member of the Council of the Society for Psychical Research and has been Vice-Chair Investigations of the Ghost Club – the two oldest groups in the country that study the subject.  His topics of study have been as varied as hypnotic regressions and vampire folklore, as well as more conventional paranormal research.

John joined the SPR in the late 1990s and, in 2003, became a member of the Spontaneous Cases Committee, where he worked to widen its accessibility to the general public through the Society’s website. He was invited to join the Council in 2008.

His 2010 Ghost Hunting, a Survivor’s Guide was one of the first UK books published about the subject since its re-popularisation by TV.  Between 2015-17 John worked on an extended project of witness testimony regarding the well-publicised 'Intermediate' case of The Cage in St. Osyth Essex, (a residential home that was formerly a holding cell), also assessing the validity of witness testimony in spontaneous ‘paranormal’ cases.

John has appeared in a number of media discussions of the paranormal - including Japanese and Scottish Television, national BBC radio, and the national press. He has travelled to Transylvania on numerous occasions researching the folklore and promoting tourism there.

13th February, 2020 7:00 PM through  9:00 PM
Society for Psychical Research HQ
1 Vernon Mews
W14 0RL
United Kingdom
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