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26th July 2021 - Rodrigo Machado Tavares - Zoom Web Event - The Psychical Research of Sir William Crookes

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In this talk, the speaker will present some of the main scientific discoveries of Sir William Crookes as well as Crookes’ immense contribution and legacy for Psychical Research. Additionally, the speaker will discuss in depth some of the psychic phenomena Crookes researched in line with the science at the time. The speaker will also comment on the current discoveries found in science which can potentially be associated with those phenomena.

Dr Rodrigo Machado Tavares is a Chartered Engineer and has a PhD in Computer Sciences and Mathematics from the University of Greenwich. He has published scientific papers in the built environment related areas and has given talks in institutions such as the National Institute of Standards and Technology in the USA. He peer-reviewed papers for scientific journals published by Elsevier and Springer. He has experience in academia as a lecturer and researcher. He has been working in the private sector in the UK since 2007 as a consultant engineer for major engineering consultancies. Rodrigo has been studying Psychical Research since his early years and his main interests are Mediumship and its relationship to science via Fluid Dynamics and psychology. Growing up in Brazil he studied Spiritism and the history of Spiritualism. In this talk, he will present some of the main scientific discoveries of Sir William Crookes as well as his immense contribution to Psychical Research.

26th July, 2021 8:00 PM through 10:00 PM
Office Phone: 02079378984
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