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22nd November 2021 - Diane Hennacy Powell - Zoom Web Event - Savant Syndrome and Out-of-Body Experiences

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Diane Hennacy Powell: "My work with autistic savants has led me to conclude that savants might experience OBEs on a regular basis. OBEs have been a means of obtaining non-local information during remote viewing and might also play a central role in savant syndrome. Perhaps acquired savant syndrome and near death experiences are both major transformational experiences for consciousness because they both have an OBE component. This lecture will explore the reasons for my hypothesis and its implications for future research."

Diane is a Johns Hopkins-trained neuropsychiatrist and neuroscientist, former Harvard faculty member, and an award-winning author and clinician. She began studying autism in 1987, when she spent six months with Sir Michael Rutter at the Institute for Psychiatry in London. She is currently the Treasurer of the PA, and has served as a member of a think tank on the evolution of human consciousness at the Salk Institute and as the Director of Research for the John E. Mack Institute. Her experimental research investigates reports of telepathy in autistic children. Her theoretical work bridges multiple scientific disciplines in its analysis of case studies in neuropsychiatry that challenge materialism’s neuro-centric model. Her 2008 book, The ESP Enigma, presents a rational argument for a new paradigm, which is elaborated upon further in her chapter in the first volume published by the Academy for the Advancement of Postmaterialist Sciences: Is Consciousness Primary?

22nd November, 2021 8:00 PM through 10:00 PM
Office Phone: 02079378984
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