Saturday 14th October 2023 - Rodrigo Montenegro - Vibrational State Workshop – Self-tuning to higher consciousness. A neuroscience-based approach.

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This practical 3-hour, half-day, workshop requires physical attendance (i.e., cannot be taken online). The workshop will aim to teach participants to learn to induce the VS. The core of tantric traditions describes the deliberate and “forceful” induction of “pulsations of energies” through “energy wind flows” inside the body. Sensations are described as producing an “all-pervading energy” leading to “ecstatic” feelings, which are reported similarly, either in terms of induction or phenomenology during the “Vibrational State” (VS) in modern literature. The session will run straight through from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Refreshments will be available at the end of the session. No recording or pictures will be allowed.

This workshop will provide a comprehensive theoretical overview of the history of such a phenomenon, as well as the historical and modern concepts of energy associated with such a state (e.g., biofield), providing a profound understanding of the modern neuroscientific hypothesis explaining why such states occur spontaneously in different sleep states, based on sleep medicine research. More so, the focus will be on providing participants with expert analysis on how one can induce such a state based on current neurophysiological research on the VS in the Lab and extensive knowledge gathered from the common perceived physiological sensations and phenomena associated with the induction of the VS. This aims to allow participants to understand better and differentiate the state experientially speaking during the experiential part of the workshop. Differential diagnoses of different states that are often referred to the VS but are not (e.g., Kundalini Syndrome) will also be provided.

Looking at the benefits of such a practice, neuropsychological evidence will be presented to show how such a state may impact our brain health, our ability to more easily achieve Out-of-Body Experiences, and empirical evidence – through interactive demonstrations and different workshop practices and exercises – will aim to illustrate how such a state may be at the basis of the development of psychic perceptions and healing, and as such, can be considered as an essential tool to promote the evolution of consciousness—personally and collectively.

The practical objectives of this workshop are to:

1.    To practically enhance your ability to achieve the VS by providing direct technical guidance.
2.    To improve your interoceptive knowledge allowing you to obtain more objective perceptions on how to induce such a state, providing you with objective insights based on known phenomenology and neuroscience knowledge.
3.    Guide you through practical and phenomenological differences between the VS and the perception of vibrations during conducted exercises and post-evaluations.
4.    Attendees will gain practical skills and tools during the workshop, enabling them to continue exploring and deepening their understanding of the Vibrational State even after the workshop concludes.

Click here to see a short video showing brain patterns of "Subject inducing the Vibrational State after 1-min Baseline at 77.5 s"

Presented by Rodrigo Montenegro

Rodrigo Montenegro has an MSc. in Neuroscience, with a Sleep Medicine specialization from Oxford University and a neuropsychology and neuromodulation medicine (all PGCert.). Rodrigo is finalizing his PhD pursuing research into OBE neurophysiology, phenomenology, and the Vibrational State. Rodrigo has lectured internationally on non-ordinary states giving workshops on the subject since 2005. He is currently the director of the Sleep Consciousness Institute (SCI), which aims to bring a novel, evidence-based neurophenomenological approach to understanding Out-of-Body Experiences (OBEs) and facilitate their experimentation.

14th October, 2023 from  1:00 PM to  4:00 PM
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