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GWEN TATE MEMORIAL LECTURE - Alan Murdie - Letters from the dead – evidence of survival in poltergeist cases

Poltergeists have been recorded across the world for centuries, with many genuine cases seeming to arise from incidents of psychokinesis (PK) generated by living persons. However, a smaller but significant number of poltergeist cases raise the possibility of the involvement of discarnate entities. Such cases can involve extensive written and spoken communications which claim to originate from deceased humans. Alan Murdie assesses some examples of such cases, with particular reference to the thousands of letters and communications attributed to a poltergeist in Battersea, London, between 1956-1968, together with the implications for survival research.

Alan Murdie is a lawyer specialising in intellectual property and local government taxation and is active in psychical research in the UK and abroad. He has conducted research into spontaneous cases in United Kingdom, Romania and Colombia and has written and broadcast extensively on paranormal topics for local, national, and international media. He has been a Council Member of the Society for Psychical Research since 2001 and since 2006 has been chairman of the Society’s Spontaneous Cases Committee which looks into reports of apparitions, poltergeists and psi phenomena occurring outside the laboratory. He is also chairman of the UK’s Ghost Club, founded at Cambridge, England in 1862. 

14th July, 2016 from  7:00 PM to  9:00 PM
Society for Psychical Research HQ
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United Kingdom
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