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Authors Title
Facco, E.; Agrillo, C. Near-Death Experiences Between Science and Prejudice
Fairley, John (Co-Author); Welfare, Simon (Co-Author) Arthur C. Clarke's Chronicles Of The Strange And Mysterious
Fanthorpe, Lionel (Co-Author); Fanthorpe, Patricia (Co-Author) The World's Most Mysterious People
Fawcett, Douglas Light Of The Universe
Fawcett, Douglas Oberland Dialogues
Feather, Sally Rhine The Gift
Feilding, Everard Sittings With Eusapia Palladino And Other Studies
Feinstein, David (Co-Author); Krippner, Stanley (Co-Author) Personal Mythology
Felton, D. Haunted Greece and Rome
Fenwick, Peter (Co-Author); Fenwick, Elizabeth (Co-Author) The Hidden Door