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Animal survival after physical death.


I am looking for well-founded reports suggestive of animal survival after physical death. I am preparing a text for publication about the survival of consciousness, in the present case concentrating on animal survival. The cases might focus on apparitions, ideally witnessed by more than one person and/or through the reactions of other animals. Also, on any type of communications, subjective and objective as is the case of ITC, which would involve manifestations apparently connected to the spirit of an animal, a pet or others.

I would appreciate reports not exceeding a two-page text containing detailed descriptions of the occurrences and respective circumstances. If possible, I would be thankful for the corroboration of people other than the person or persons directly involved in the event.

Please write to:
Anabela Cardoso

Grateful thanks in advance to all who will be willing to collaborate in the study about the exploration of the consciousness of our dear brothers of other species and the hypothesis of its survival of death.