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CALL FOR PAPERS - Joint conference with the Parapsychological Association, July 2015, in London

The SPR will be joining forces with the Parapsychological Association (PA) to hold a joint conference at the University of Greenwich in south London between 16-19 July.

SPR members and non-members are welcome to attend this joint conference. The SPR and PA will receive submissions separately. Any person may submit a paper for presentation at the SPR conference and papers may be on any aspect of parapsychology or psychical research. The conference welcomes papers covering laboratory testing, spontaneous cases and the analysis of contemporary or historic cases, from any scientific or academic perspective. As always, the conference committee hopes to reflect a wide range of disciplines and perspectives in psychical research and particularly welcomes papers detailing recent research and new analysis of data and results.

The usual time allocated for each paper, including discussion, will be 30 minutes. Speakers should aim to make papers readily understandable to a non-specialist audience and they should not simply read aloud an article intended for publication. There will be no simultaneous sessions. Since the conference is a residential one, there will be ample opportunity for informal contact between participants.

Summaries of proposed papers should reach the Programme Committee by 1st April. Submissions received after this date will only be considered at the programme committee's discretion. These summaries should be single-spaced, single-sided and have a length of 500 to 1000 words (no more than two A4 pages). We will also consider submissions for poster presentations of papers or other material in summary form, to be displayed throughout the conference. Please also specify details of any A/V equipment or other resources required.

Electronic submissions are preferred — please email to with “CONFERENCE ABSTRACT SUBMISSION” in the subject of the message.

Summaries should be marked “SPR Conference” and sent to The Secretary, Society for Psychical Research, using contact details above. The full conference programme will be distributed to all members with the registration and booking form; it will also be available from the SPR office and on our website.

Members and Associates will receive a discount on the registration fee. Accommodation and all meals will be available.