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Can parapsychological claims be true?

Last year, Prof. Etzel Cardeña published an article, The Experimental Evidence for Parapsychological Phenomena: A Review, in the prestigious journal American Psychologist. This has now evoked commentary from Profs. Arthur Reber and James Alcock. Their article, Searching for the Impossible: Parapsychology’s Elusive Quest, is still in press. However, they summarized their arguments in Skeptical Inquirer: Why Parapsychological Claims Cannot Be True [EXTERNAL LINK].

In response Bryan J. Williams posted: Impossible in Theory? A Critical Commentary on a Recent Skeptical Rebuttal to an Article on Psychic Phenomena [EXTERNAL LINK]

Ian Wardell has also published commentary on his blog: Skeptical Inquirer attempts to explain why psi could not possibly exist [EXTERNAL LINK].

Gordon Bonnet has also published commentary on his blog: The realm of the impossible [EXTERNAL LINK].

Mark Mahin has also published commentary on his blog: Bothered Skeptics Make a Toothless Attack on Parapsychology [EXTERNAL LINK].