The Enfield Haunting TV film

The Enfield Haunting was broadcast in three episodes during May 2015.


Trailer for the programme:

Trailers and interviews with Timothy Spall, Matthew Macfadyen, Guy Lyon Playfair and Richard Grosse:

A round-up of Enfield Independent stories about the case:

Extended trailer for The Enfield Haunting and interview with star Juliet Stevenson:

Update 23 April: Interview with Matthew Macfadyen, who plays Guy Lyon Playfair:

Daily Mail article by Michael Hellicar - 'The day a poltergeist attacked me', by journalist who spent time in the house:

Article in the Daily Express: "''We shared our house with a poltergeist' The chilling tale of supernatural suburbia":

Interview with Guy Lyon Playfair in the Enfield Independent:

Will Storr in the Daily Telegraph - 'The real story of the Enfield Haunting'

Blog post by Christian Jensen Romer discusses the case: 'Drama, Controversy and Confusion: The Legacy of the Enfield Poltergeist':

Radio Times - 'The Enfield Haunting is a Terrifying Retelling of a real-life 1970s Ghost Story:'

Review of the first episode by C J Romer - 'The Enfield Haunting, Sky Living Drama – Part One':

Among the extensive coverage of the programme, the Sunday Express featured Dr Barrie Colvin's JSPR paper on raps:

Guy Lyon Playfair criticising the production for distorting the events - '"Truth about Enfield Ghost was stranger than the TV fiction", says book's author':

Radio Times: 'Did the Enfield Haunting Really Happen?':

The DVD release of The Enfield Haunting is scheduled for 19 October 2015: