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Haunted Histories: War, Spiritualism and the Occult

An evening of talks and storytelling around psychical research in the early 20th century will take place at the Union Theatre in London, 12 November, 2018: "What drove curiosity in the paranormal? How did the cataclysm of war affect our quest for answers about the other side? And why did a Scottish mother of six pose a threat to national security in 1944? Speakers: Leslie Price, librarian, College of Psychic Studies Professor Owen Davies, University of Hertfordshire. Historian of witchcraft, magic, ghosts and popular medicine, author of A Supernatural War: Magic, Divination, and Faith during the First World War (Oxford University Press, 2018) Dr Amara Thornton, historian of archaeology, author of Archaeologists in Print: Publishing for the People (UCL Press, 2018) Cathi Unsworth, writer and novelist, author of The Not Knowing, Bad Penny Blues, Without the Moon, and That Old Black Magic" Further information here: Haunted Histories [EXTERNAL LINK[.