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Have you had experiences of hearing a voice/voices that other people cannot hear?

What does it involve? Taking part would involve completing a short screening survey, followed by a one-off interview (by phone/video call). Interviews will last up to an hour, and you will be compensated for your time with a £10 voucher. The interview will explore experiences of being/not being believed that you may have had in relation to your voices, and you do not have to talk about anything that you don’t want to.

Who can take part? If you are over 18 and have current experiences of hearing a voice that occur at least occasionally, you may be eligible to take part. We are interested in hearing from people whose voices have occurred in a variety of contexts, including within the context of your faith, or a special skill such as mediumship, or a specific faculty such as clairaudience. You may be eligible to take part whether or not you have ever received input from mental health services for voices. We are not making any assumptions about why people might hear a voice that others do not or looking to medicalise peoples’ experiences – instead are looking to increase understanding of these experiences through our research by providing a space for different peoples’ stories.

What next? If you are interested in learning more, please contact Olivia Harris on Alternatively, please follow the link/QR code to complete the screening questions and arrange an interview slot: [EXTERNAL LINK].

Your contribution will be hugely valued! Thank you!