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Healing research, the biofield and electromagnetic radiation are biophotons and ultraviolet light involved?

John Kruth, Executive director at the Bioenergy Laboratory, Rhine Research Center in Durham, USA has for more than ten years been doing research on healing, focused intention, and tried to detect a biofield and biophotons and various kinds of radiation from man. This evening he reports about his research on Zoom and a possible connection with the Chinese chi, as well as a possible connection with our possible aura.

To prepare, you are welcome to in advance have a look at a lecture he gave for the SSE some years ago: Healing, Biophotons, and PK at the Rhine Research Center [EXTERNAL LINK].

Day: January 26, 2021, 18.30 GMT.

Zoom link: to get the zoom-link, send an email before January 20 to and he will send you the link.

The Swedish SPR starts with a pretalk at 18.00 GMT