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Here There Be Treasures? Dragons? Some Unfinished Explorations in Psychical Research

Update: The webinar has been cancelled due to sickness.

The Swedish SPR is hosting Prof. Charles Tart for an online webinar on:

Here There Be Treasures?  Dragons? Some Unfinished Explorations in Psychical Research

Prof. Charles Tart is a pioneer in creating great interest in altered states of consciousness and being one of the founders of transpersonal psychology. His latest book is The End of Materialism from 2009. This evening he will in an informal interview share some of his experiences from his careers in psychical research, parapsychology and transpersonal psychology. His observations and experiments point to good opportunities for advancement of our knowledge (the “treasures” in the title) as well as spelling out some difficulties (the “dragons”) making the research more difficult than ordinary research, and which have not been adequately faced. Some background knowledge about parapsychological research is recommended, but not necessary.

If you want to prepare, look at lectures on on his name. Full background information and the text of many articles are available at [EXTERNAL LINK]. If you want to know what topics he will touch upon in the informal interview, before or after, send an email to Dr Brusewitz, see below, and he will send you a list of these topics.

Day: Thursday September 30, 2021, 7 pm Swedish time (6 pm UK time).

Fee: free.
Zoom link: The link will be For questions: Anders Rydberg,, or President of the Swedish SPR Dr Göran Brusewitz,