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Music From Beyond the Veil - BBC Radio 4 Extra

'Music From Beyond the Veil' - a Radio 4 Extra programme about musical mediumship.  It features interviews with Prof Peter Fenwick and SPR Councill member Dr Melvyn Willin.

'Prof Paul Robertson examines the claims and counter-claims for musical mediumship and asks whether musical inspiration comes from within ourselves or if it could come from somewhere beyond.

'He recounts the story of how, 40 years ago, a Balham housewife and medium with little musical training created a sensation when she claimed to have received new works from beyond the grave from Liszt, Brahms, Beethoven, Rachmaninov and other great composers. Rosemary Brown's abilities divided the musical world, with her supporters convinced that the works were genuine while her critics dismissed them as pastiche.'

The programme can be heard here: