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New research study on voice & communication experiences

Researchers at Durham University and University College, London are conducting a new study on what happens in the brain when we recognise unusual sounds. The ‘Hearing the Voice’ project at Durham is an interdisciplinary investigation of voice-hearing in the absence of a speaker (sometimes referred to as auditory verbal hallucination). For this  new study, the team at Durham are working with people who regularly hear voices but do not have any psychiatric history, with the aim of understanding how they recognise and respond to new and ambiguous sounds. Taking part in the study involves an interview with a researcher and attending a scanning session in central London.  If you have had experience of hearing voices and would like to take part, or if you are interested in being a control participant for the study, please get in touch with Dr Ben Alderson-Day via email ( or telephone on (0191 3348163). Further information on the project is available at


(Posted 15 December 2015)