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ParaMOOC 2018

This free online series of lectures, organised by Dr Nancy Zingrone and Dr Carlos Alvarado, includes talks by SPR members.

Dr Carlos Alvarado has written a blog post describig this online course:

"The ParaMOOC series is a completely unique introduction to international scientists and academic researchers who work on a variety of phenomena including extrasensory perception, telepathy, near-death experiences, distant mental influence on living systems (the part of the field that addresses psychic healing), clairvoyance, mediumship, survival research and more.

“The only other way to have access to this kind of expertise and to these knowledgeable individuals outside of this course is to pay to attend the annual conferences of the Parapsychological Association, the Society for Psychical Research, the Society for Scientific Exploration, and the International Association for Near Death Studies, among other such organisations. The expense of such conferences and the necessity to travel make these options for further education difficult to attain. For the ParaMOOC series however, the course access is free. Students only need an internet connection with audio available on their devices from PCs to mobile phones.

“Thus, in this free WizIQ-based MOOC, not only will students have an opportunity to hear accomplished researchers talk about their own work for live attendees and those who listen to the recordings. With only one presentation scheduled on the day, there also will be plenty of time for questions and discussions after every talk. Those who can’t join us in the live sessions will have access to the recordings of the presentations within hours of the live talk, as well as the PowerPoint presentations and additional materials. The course discussion page will be available to all attendees on a 24/7 basis.”

SPR members are involved in the delivery of talks, including Robert McLuhan, who will be speaking about the SPR's online Psi Encyclopedia.  Dr David Vernon, the recently appointed editor of the Journal of the Society for Psychical Research, will also be making a presentation, as will SPR Council member Dr Callum Cooper.

Dr Alvarado's blog post, with a list of speakers and a link to the enrolment form, can be seen here: