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Paranormal Review Photography Competition

Shoot the Next Cover and Win a Camera from Olympus.

How to capture the paranormal? We have all seen photographs, from the Brown Lady of Raynham Hall to orbs, that claim to show evidence of a spirit world. But no matter how compelling the image, no photograph has convinced the earthly world that anything exists beyond it. Could it ever?

The focus of the competition is on photography rather than evidentiality. It is not about proving the paranormal, but about ways to represent the idea of the paranormal. This covers many different genres of photography, such as documentary, visual art and even travel, for example. Subjects could include paranormal investigations, parapsychology experiments, people involved with the paranormal, or places associated with the paranormal. The judges will be looking for a strong image that best conveys the ‘spirit’ of the paranormal.

The prize: an Olympus Tough TG-Tracker digital camera, plus the chance to see your photograph on the cover of the magazine.

Send up to 3 images by 31 May 2017 to the Editor, Dr Leo Ruickbie, at

Full terms and conditions are available in the magazine (issue 81, p. 19), and are also attached to this announcement.