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Psychic News article on SPR participation in mediumship research

The latest issue of Psychic News (September 2015) carries an article by Lew Sutton on a presentation given at the recent SPR conference by SPR Council member Professor Chris Roe. It concerns a project which is being run at the Arthur Findlay College (Stansted Hall) and in which Professor Roe is involved. His paper, co-authored with David Bruton, Chris Connelly, David Saunders and Rachel Evenden, is entitled 'Building Links Between Communities: Establishment of a Research Laboratory for the Scientific Study of Mediumship at the Arthur Findlay College‘.

Funding for the project has been obtained from the SPR's Survival Research Fund, the Spiritualists' National Union and the University of Northampton (where Prof Roe is based) to equip a space at Stansted Hall in which mediumship experiments, including physiological monitoring of volunteers from among the College‘s students, can be conducted.

There is also an article in the same issue on Sir Oliver Lodge and Raymond, who was killed on 14 September 1915, which refers to the SPR.

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