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Survey – Does Spiritualism prove life after death?

My chapter for the SPR’s forthcoming book Is There Life after Death?  Arguments, Theories, Evidence, edited by Leo Ruickbie and Robert McLuhan, will examine whether Spiritualist mediumship has proven life after death.

In order to obtain a broad range of opinion on the question I am conducting a survey that seeks both answers that can be quantified and others that provide names and examples to guide my selection of cases of evidential mediumship.

Whether or not you consider yourself a Spiritualist, I invite you to complete as much of the survey as you wish.  Also, please feel free to share this request with friends, family and colleagues who have considered and possibly formed an opinion about the evidence of survival received through Spiritualist mediumship.

The survey results will be aggregated and anonymized.  They will be sortable by the country of the respondents’ primary residence to determine whether there are any significant differences.  The answers from SPR members will also be calculated separately to examine whether there are any significant patterns.

Here is the survey link: [EXTERNAL LINK].

Thank you for considering this request and hopefully completing the survey and sharing it with others!

Walter Meyer zu Erpen, BA, MAS
Victoria, BC, Canada