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Survey to gather global data on possible psychic experiences during the pandemic.

A survey to gather global data on possible psychic experiences during the pandemic is ongoing.

"The global COVID-19 outbreak has been an unsettling time for many people. Officially defined as a pandemic by the World Health Organisation (WHO) on 11 March 2020, as the world locked down, researchers across a multitude of disciplines including sociology, anthropology, psychoanalytic studies, psychology, mental health and others began launching surveys with the aim of recording data and capturing experiences from this unprecedented time.

"To our knowledge, there is not (nor has been) any survey dedicated to capturing paranormal and/or psychic phenomenon during the pandemic. In the absence of any organised, academic data gathering, what we have seen instead is a plethora of anecdotal and ad hoc reports and opinions with neither focus nor archival merit.

"We believe that the pandemic, as a distinct and important period of time (starting from March 2020 until the present) provides a unique opportunity for the scientific study of anomalous experiences during a period of personal and social crisis. It will help to inform our understanding of the effects of the pandemic on people's paranormal or psychic experiences."

Please note that this is not an SPR project. To learn more about the survey or participate head to: pandemicpsi [EXTERNAL LINK].