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Paranormal Experience?

DO YOU think you have had a paranormal experience? If so, we would like to hear from you. Our Spontaneous Cases Committee can help with certain types of phenomena (see below).

We are also interested in reports of extraordinary experiences, past and present, from all over the world. Write to us at 1 Vernon Mews, London W14 0RL, or send us an email using the box below. (This will be treated in strictest confidence - your name and contact details will be kept private.)

Recent hauntings, poltergeist phenomena  The Committee cannot undertake to rid a location of apparent phenomena, but may be able to advise about its possible nature. In the UK it may undertake an invstigation, taking into account the potentially stressful nature of such occurrences to the witnesses, and the need to preserve anonymity.

Premonitions  Reports of premonitions should be:

  • Made in advance of the premonition’s outcome and
  • Testable: that is, the event/location/dates should be sufficiently specific to be verifiable in the future

'Jott'   Jott is our collective word for incidents often dismissed as Just One of Those Things. For example, your computer glasses vanish from your desk and turn up eventually in the kitchen drawer, though you are sure you did not put them there. Or perhaps after diligent search you find them sitting where they ought to have been all the time. You may even find another pair of spectacles near by, similar to yours but not the same. If something of this sort has happened to you, let us know.

Photographs  We can  sometimes give an opinion about unusual photographs, although less so in those that are thought to contain 'orbs', unless the photo or surrounding circumstances are in some way unique.

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