P.A. invitation to student members of the SPR

Yuan Jin, the Student Representative for the Parapsychological Association (P.A.) for 2022- 2023, has sent us an invitation for the SPR’s Student Members.

As background, student members of the P.A. who are interested in academic parapsychology are regularly invited to connect and get to know each other, and to gather ideas to forward to the P.A. monthly P.A. student meetings have been set up since November 2022 and there have been three successful meetings so far.

Occasionally, others are able to join these meetings and SPR Student Members are invited to attend the next P.A. student meeting. This will be a casual online gathering, to be held on Saturday 8th April 2023, at 13:15 Eastern Time (18:15 BST).

It will be a casual, Open Forum style table discussion this time. You will be invited to share your favorite paranormal topic and start a conversation with other student parapsychological enthusiasts. So come along, talk and listen as we continue our exploration of the phenomena that makes life an amazing exploration.

If you are a Student Member of the SPR and wish to attend this event, please contact the SPR Secretary via secretary@spr.ac.uk to obtain a link to join the meeting. It will help us if you set the subject of your message as PA STUDENT MEETING.