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Hauntings: Psychoanalysis and Ghostly Transmissions

From the publisher’s website: Hauntings: Psychoanalysis and Ghostly Transmissions shows how the present is troubled by the past and by the future, using the idea of haunting to explore psychoanalytically how identities, beliefs, intimacies and hatreds are transmitted across generations and between people. It deals with the secrets that we inherit, the 'pull' of the past, and the way emotions, thoughts and impulses enter into us from others as a kind of immaterial yet real communication. This book demonstrates how past oppressions return, demanding acknowledgement and reparation, and explores how recognition and forgiveness can arise from this. Rooted in psychoanalysis, postcolonial and psychosocial studies, Frosh addresses the question of what passes through and between human subjects and how these things structure social and psychopolitical life.

Introduction: Psychoanalysis as a Ghostly System
Facing the Truth about Ourselves
Ghostly Psychoanalysis
The Evil Eye
First Author: 
Stephen Frosh
Reference Information: 
Hauntings. Palgrave Macmillan, January 2013. ISBN-13: 978-1137031273