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SPR Journal: Notes for Authors

The Editor of the Journal of the Society for Psychical Research welcomes original submissions in English on any aspect of psychical research so long as it is followed with sufficient rigor and awareness of the wider academic literature. The Editorial Board will consider any empirical approach, including (but not restricted to) experimental work, field investigations, case collections, questionnaires and interviews, as well as historical or theoretical work that can demonstrate an original contribution. Submissions are considered on the understanding that they have not been published before and are not concurrently under review by any other journal. All submissions are subject to anonymous review by subject experts as identified by the Editorial Board and will be accepted or rejected based on the recommendations of those reviewers. The email address for submissions is and we encourage electronic submissions as Word, rich text, or PDF files.
Organization of Manuscript Papers should not normally exceed 7,000 words, which should include a short abstract of 50–100 words that describes the key aspects of the paper. Authors are responsible for the preparation of artwork for figures and these and any photographs submitted should be of quality suitable for reproduction.
In the preparation of manuscripts, authors are expected to adhere to APA style (see or refer to previous issues of the JSPR — example copies can be provided on request). Note in particular that APA style requires that citations are given in the body text by author surname and date (e.g. “Smith & Jones, 2016”) and that a references list is included that includes all cited work listed in alphabetical order by author’s name. All periodical titles should be given in full.
Footnotes These should be indicated in the text by superscript numerals at the appropriate places, numbering consecutively. The notes should be placed at the foot of the text page concerned, separated from the main text by a line. Although footnotes may include citations, they should not be used as a way of referencing others’ work.
We invite Letters to the Editor that comment on or otherwise develop ideas introduced by material published in the Journal. These should not exceed 1,000 words of text and 10 references.
Publication If the paper is accepted the author or first‑named of joint authors will be sent copies of the typeset pages for checking and correction prior to printing (but proofs are not usually sent for letters). On publication a PDF copy of the work will be sent to the lead author.


Authors retain copyright to their writings and take responsibility for any opinions expressed. However, if an article has been accepted for publication in the Journal of the Society for Psychical Research then the Society reserves the right to reproduce the material as part of a published journal, and to make it available in electronic as well as print formats. The material must not appear anywhere else (including on an Internet website) until it has been published by the Journal (or rejected for publication). After publication in the Journal, authors may use the material as they wish but should make appropriate reference to its prior publication in the Journal; for example: “This paper (material) first appeared in the Journal of the Society for Psychical Research, vol..., pp..., and is reproduced here with their permission”.
Permissions Authors are responsible for securing written permission to reproduce any published or unpublished material for which copyright is currently held. It is not normally necessary to secure permission to publish short quotations from published works.