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Past Events

December 8, 2016
at SPR
Saint Pantaleon was a martyr during the Diocletian persecution of 303AD in the northwest region of Anatolia (the westernmost protrusion of Asia). His fascinating life was a mix of religious fervour and science, of a man battling with early instruction in Christianity and a passion for medicine. He became a faith healer, miraculously healing a blind man by invoking the name of Jesus over him. With his knowledge of medicine and his new found healing abilities he became revered in some circles...
November 16, 2016
at SPR
1. Prof. John Poynton's recent series of Presidential Letters in the Journal and 2. articles in the recent Paranormal Review on the researcher/psychic Dr Alex Tanous. Prof. Poynton and Callum Cooper will be present at the meeting. ALL WELCOME - NO NEED TO REGISTER
November 3, 2016
at SPR
In 1954 Aldous Huxley published his now famous book The Doors of Perception. This described in detail Huxley’s experiences with mescaline. From this, he concluded that Henri Bergson was right to conclude that the human brain acts as a “reducing valve” in that it filters sensory information and presents to consciousness a restricted and censored version of the true “reality” of the external world. In his new book, Opening The Doors of Perception, Anthony Peake has taken Huxley’s ideas and...
October 8, 2016
at SPR
Psychical Research could be defined as the study of unpredictable events and uncontrollable effects, so that a repeatable experiment, meaning one where a stated effect will always follow a prescribed cause, may demonstrate something, but it will not be psi. Taking the opposite standpoint, it can be maintained that if we knew enough about the causes of psi, then it could be controlled and made to perform to order by any competent person following the specified methodology. Where in this clash...
September 2, 2016
at Woodhouse Lane
The SPR’s 40th International Annual conference will be held at the University of Leeds, Woodhouse Lane, Leeds, LS2 9JT, U.K. between Friday 2 and Sunday 4 September 2016. The University Leeds is in the centre of the city. As always, our very full conference programme will address a broad range of topics, covering both spontaneous cases and laboratory research. In addition to the talks, conferences are a marvelous opportunity to network and share views, and there will be time to socialise over...
July 14, 2016
at SPR
Poltergeists have been recorded across the world for centuries, with many genuine cases seeming to arise from incidents of psychokinesis (PK) generated by living persons. However, a smaller but significant number of poltergeist cases raise the possibility of the involvement of discarnate entities. Such cases can involve extensive written and spoken communications which claim to originate from deceased humans. Alan Murdie assesses some examples of such cases, with particular reference to the...
June 8, 2016
at SPR
Proposed revival of Journal meetings. Back in the 1960s, there was a series of fairly well-attended meetings for discussion of recent articles in the Journal. Now that we have our own meeting room available for extra activities there is to be a try-out meeting on Wednesday 8th June to see if this proposal appeals to sufficient numbers. If there is enough support, then such meetings would take place subsequently in May and November. We now have articles in the Paranormal Review to consider as...
April 30, 2016
at SPR
THIS EVENT IS NOW FULLY-BOOKED. REGISTRATION IS CLOSED. In this study day leading authorities will consider historical developments in the philosophy of psi from the 17th century to modern times.
March 10, 2016
at Lecture Hall of the Kensington Central Library
(A Project of Witness Testimony Analysis of a Traditional Haunting Investigated in ‘Modern’ Ways). The drama and discussion surrounding the dramatization of the Enfield Poltergeist has reignited media interest in the paranormal. The problem is however when the media does take an interest in the subject, even if an interesting case is being investigated, all too often the coverage does not get beyond easy sensationalist headlines. The Cage used to be the local holding cell, (hence its name)...
October 24, 2015
at Vicarage Gate
Please note that the location of this event is ST MARY ABBOT'S CENTRE, and not St Philip's Church as previously stated.
October 1, 2015
at Lecture Hall of the Kensington Central Library
Zofia Weaver is a past editor of the Journal and Proceedings of the Society for Psychical Research. Her main areas of interest in psychical research include spontaneous cases and the investigation of famous Polish psychics. Together with Mary Rose Barrington and the late Professor Ian Stevenson she has written a comprehensive study of the Polish clairvoyant Stefan Ossowiecki, published in 2005. Her book on the physical mediumship of the Polish medium Franek Kluski was published earlier this...