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Authors Title
Collins, H.M. (Co-Author); Pinch, T.J. (Co-Author) Frames Of Meaning
Combs, Allan (Co-Author); Holland, Mark (Co-Author) Synchronicity
Communication, Journalof; Murphy, Gardner; Honorton, C.; Morris, R.L.; Keezer, Philip; Schmeidler, Gertrude; Braud, W.G.; Stanford,rex G; Ullman, M.; Krippner, Stanley; Van De Castle, R.; Gross, L Paranormal Communication
Compton, Carole Superstition
Conference Of Bishops Of The Anglican Communion Encyclical Letter
Congress Of Radionics And Radiesthesia Proceedings Of The Scientific And Technical Congress
Connell, R. (Co-Author); Cummins, Geraldine (Co-Author) Healing The Mind
Connell, R. (Co-Author); Cummins, Geraldine (Co-Author) Perceptive Healing
Constable, Frank C. Telergy
Conway, David Magic, An Occult Primer