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Authors Title
Ellison, Arthur J. Science And The Paranormal
Ellison, Arthur J. Reality Of The Paranormal
Emmons, Charles Chinese Ghosts Revisited
Emmons, Charles F. Chinese Ghosts And ESP
Enright, D.J. (Editor) Oxford Book Of The Supernatural
Ephesian Mysterious Madame
Epperson, Gordon Mind Of Edmund Gurney
Erickson, Deborah L. Mixed Methods Exploratory Study of Alleged Telepathic Interspecies Communication with Domestic Dogs (Canis Lupus Familiaris)
Erickson, Milton H.; Rossi, Ernest L. (Editor) Collected Papers Of Milton H. Erikson On Hypnosis: Vol. II
Ertel, Suitbert (Co-Author); Irving, Kenneth (Co-Author) Tenacious Mars Effect