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Authors Title
Hough, Peter Supernatural Britain
Hough, Peter (Co-Author); Randles, Jenny (Co-Author) Looking For The Aliens
Houghton, John Eccentrics & Villains, Hauntings & Heroes
Houran, James From Shaman To Scientist: Essays On Humanity's Search For Spirits
Houran, James (Editor); Lange, Rense (Editor) Hauntings And Poltergeists
House, Alan H. Sixty Years A Spiritualist
Houtkooper, Joop M. Observational Theory: A Research Programme For Paranormal Phenomena
Hovelmann, Gerd H. (Ed); Michels, Hans (Ed) Legitimacy of Unbelief
Howat, Polly Ghosts & Legends of Lincolnshire & the Fen Country
Hoyt, Charles Alva Witchcraft