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Authors Title
Haynes, Renee The Hidden Springs
Haynes, Renee Seeing Eye, The Seeing I
Haynes, Renee Philospher King, The Humanist Pope Benedict XIV
Haynes, Renee Society For Psychical Research : 1882 - 1982 A History
Haynes, Renee Society for Psychical Research 1882 - 1982 a History
Hayward, Jeremy W. Perceiving Ordinary Magic
Hayward, Jeremy W. Shifting Worlds, Changing Minds
Hazelgrove, Jenny Spiritualism And British Society Between The Wars
Head, Joseph (Editor); Cranston, S. L. (Editor) Reincarnation In World Thought
Head, Joseph (Editor); Cranston, S. L. (Editor) Reincarnation: The Phoenix Fire Mystery