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Authors Title
Muldoon, Sylvan (Co-Author); Carrington, Hereward (Co-Author) Projection Of The Astral Body
Muldoon, Sylvan (Co-Author); Carrington, Hereward (Co-Author) Phenomena Of Astral Projection
Mullen, Peter Holy And Unholy Ghosts
Mullins, John Divining Rod
Munsterberg, Hugo Subconscious Phenomena
Murchison, Carl (Editor) Case For And Against Psychical Belief
Murdoch, J. Theosophy Exposed or Mrs Besant and Her Guru
Murphy, Gardner Three Papers On The Survival Problem
Murphy, Gardner (Co-Author); Dale, Laura A. (Co-Author) Challenge Of Psychical Research
Murphy, Gardner (Editor); Ballou, R.O. (Editor) William James On Psychical Research