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Authors Title
Playfair, Guy Lyon; Hill, Scott Cycles of Heaven
Plimmer, Martin & King, Brian Beyond Coincidence
Podmore, Frank Modern Spiritualism, Vol I
Podmore, Frank Modern Spiritualism, Vol II
Podmore, Frank Studies In Psychical Research
Podmore, Frank Apparitions And Thought-Transference
Podmore, Frank Telepathic Hallucinations: The New View Of Ghosts
Podmore, Frank Naturalisation Of The Supernatural
Podmore, Frank Newer Spiritualism, The
Podmore, Frank (Murray, Prof Gilbert); Sidgwick, Mrs Henry (Richet, Prof Charles); Lodge, Oliver Sir (Prince. Dr W.F.); Barlow, Fred (Rampling-Rose, Major W.); Saltmarsh, H.F. (Mitchell, T.W.); Thomas, C. Drayton Psychical Research From Many Angles