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Authors Title
Rattet, S.L.; Bursik, K. Investigating the Personality Correlates of Paranormal Belief and Precognitive Experience
Raudive, Konstantin Breakthrough
Rawcliffe, D.H. The Psychology Of The Occult
Raz, A.; Hines, T.; Fossella, J.; Castro, D. Paranormal experience and the COMT dopaminergic gene: a preliminary attempt to associate phenotype and genotype using an underlying brain theory
Readers Digest Unsolved Mysteries Of The Past
Rebman, J.M.; Wezelman, R.; Radin, D.I.; Hapke, R.A.; Gaughan, K. Remote Influence on the Autonomic Nervous System by Focused Attention
Redfern, Nick Contactees
Redgrove, H. Stanley Roger Bacon
Redgrove, H. Stanley (Co-Author); Redgrove, I.M.L. (Co-Author) Joannes Baptista Van Helmont
Redgrove, H. Stanley (Co-Author); Redgrove, I.M.L. (Co-Author) Joseph Glanvill