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Authors Title
Smythies, J.R. (Editor) Science And ESP
Smythies, J.R. (Editor); Beloff, John (Dr.) (Editor) Case For Dualism
Smythies, J.R.; Davies, Rodney Brain And Mind
Snel, F.W.J.J. Aspects of the Paranormal Healing Phenomenon: The Narrative Approach
Snel, F.W.J.J. (Editor) In Honour Of G.A.M.Zorab
Snellgrove, Brian Unseen Self
Soal, S.G. Experimental Situation In Psychical Research, The
Soal, S.G.; Bateman, H. T. Modern Experiments In Telepathy
Soal, S.G.; Bowden, H.T. Mind Readers
Solaryk, Sam Fourth Dimensional Man