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Authors Title
Sayers, Dorothy; Russel, Bertrand; Henriques, Sir Basil; Abbot of Downside; Dowding, Air Chief Marshal Lord; Wand, Bishop J.W.C.; Aga Khan; Key, Robert E.; Humphreys, Christmas; Sangster, W.E.; Basu, Arabinda; Andrade, E.N. Da C. Great Mystery Of Life Hereafter
Scammell, S. Dowsing
Scarre, Geoffrey Witchcraft And Magic In 16th And 17th Century
Schatzman, Morton Story Of Ruth
Schiff, Michel Un Cas De Censyre Dans La Science
Schiffman, Nathaniel Abracadabra!
Schmeidler, Gertrude ESP in Relation to Rorschach Test Evaluation
Schmeidler, Gertrude (Ed) Extrasensory Perception
Schmeidler, Gertrude (Ed) et al Lecture Forum Honouring The Memory Of Chester F. Carlson
Schmeidler, Gertrude R. Parapsychology And Psychology