Book Reviews

Book Review: Ghostly Encounters: Cultural and Imaginary Representations of the Spectral from the Nineteenth Century to the Present, edited by Stefano Cracolici and Mark Sandy  Read more
Book Review: Call me Lucifer: Dialogues with a Noble Stranger, by Eileen J. Garrett  Read more
Book Review: Spiritual Awakenings: Scientists and Academics Describe Their Experiences, edited by Marjorie Woollacott and David Lorimer  Read more
Book Review: Beyond Death. The undiscovered country: Evidence for an after-life, by Alan Madge  Read more
Book Review: Staring at a Red Sky: A History of Psi Research in the Ganzfeld, by Andrew Endersby  Read more
Book Review: Towards the Unknown: Memoir of a Psychical Researcher, by Erlendur Haraldsson.  Read more