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Past Events

June 2, 2011
at 6-9 Carlton House Terrace
Outgoing president of the Society, PROFESSOR DEBORAH DELANOY, presents her Presidential Address
May 12, 2011
at St Philip's Church
Anthropologist Dr Antonia Mills gives the Gwen Tate Memorial Lecture. Dr Mills will report on her recent follow up investigation of the Shiva-Sumitra possession case originally studied by Ian Stevenson. The talk will include photographs, letters and new assessments made by various members of Sumitra and Shiva's families. The speaker will argue that the case presents strong evidence of the survival of Shiva's consciousness after her bodily death. PLEASE NOTE THE DIFFERENT VENUE: ST...
April 16, 2011
at St Philip's Church
STUDY DAY 61 Speakers: Dr. Graham Kidd, Dr. Melvyn Willin & Guy Lyon Playfair Chair: Robert McLuhan
March 21, 2011
at Lecture Hall of the Kensington Central Library
LECTURE BY REV. LIONEL FANTHORPE Please note the date of this lecture is a MONDAY
February 7, 2011
at Lecture Hall of the Kensington Central Library
WILLIAM JAMES (1842-1910) was the greatest American thinker of his generation, whose contributions spanned philosophy, religion, psychology and psychical research. His approach of radical empiricism meant that the boundaries of his thought were far wider than many of his contemporaries and he was an early critic of what he called ‘medical materialism.’ He regarded psychical research as a valid branch of psychology and his Ingersoll Lectures on Immortality pose questions as yet unresolved over a...
November 27, 2010
at St Philip's Church
The apparent dependence of a lucid mind on the existence of a normal brain presents a severe obstacle to the possibility of minds continuing to operate despite the cessation of brain functions. We see thoughts and personalities disintegrating when the supporting brain is afflicted with diseases such as Alzheimer’s, and faculties may be wiped out by brain injuries. But just as in other aspects of psychical research we see events and effects that contradict a materialist interpretation so also...
October 7, 2010
at Lecture Hall of the Kensington Central Library
David Rousseau is a specialist in Systems Practice and an advocate of the value of systems approaches in the study of exceptional experiences. He is the Hon. Treasurer of the SPR and Projects Director of He will show how different philosophical presuppositions lead to different ways of interpreting evidence about the nature of minds and consciousness. He will outline which presuppositions have to be changed in order for mind–body dualism and a theory of survival to be scientifically...
September 10, 2010
As usual, the conference features a wide range of fascinating topics from field research to experimentation, from psychology to philosophy. Speakers include David Luke, Richard Broughton, Michael Potts, Chris French and Chris Roe. Click through for the programme details, location information and booking form.
July 13, 2010
at Lecture Hall of the Kensington Central Library
Richard Milton lectured to the Society in October 1994, with the title, Forbidden Science: A Review of Scientific Heresies from the Paranormal to Cold Fusion. It was noted that he was the author of two controversial books on scientific problems. Today he will bring us up to date with some subsequent developments.
June 17, 2010
at Lecture Hall of the Kensington Central Library
Myers Memorial Lecture by Prof Erlendur Haraldsson. Professor Haraldsson is a distinguished researcher and academic writer. Having worked with Professor Ian Stevenson, he has published several books and research papers in the area of reincarnation and, with continuing support from the SPR, is actively collecting reports of cases of this type involving children in the Lebanon.
May 6, 2010
at Lecture Hall of the Kensington Central Library
Paul Devereux gives the Gwen Tate Memorial Lecture, describing direct encounters of anthropologists with various types of psi phenomena in cultures other than our own, including instances of apparent post-mortem survival. He will emphasise the need for fresh thinking, based on recent advances in neuroscientific research, about that hypothesised otherworld beyond the grave.
April 17, 2010
at St Philip's Church
A whole day of talks from a range of speakers who are involved in this field, with group discussion. To be held at St Philips Church, Earls Court Road, London, W8 6QH