Past Events

November 19, 2009
This talk will cover a brief history of Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV), addressing the collection of information and how it is perceived by a remote viewer. Learning experience in CRV will be discussed as well as how to task and work with its strengths and weaknesses. Michael Ash learned CRV from Lyn Buchanan, of the former US Army Stargate programme, and has studied to an advanced stage. He is a visual effects artist, having worked on special effects for feature films, television and…
October 31, 2009
‘Noisy spirits’ were disturbing the peace long before their naming as poltergeist effects (or even more recently
as RSPK), and some unfortunate person was commonly identified as what we today would term the focus;
he, or more usually she, would probably have been associated with witchcraft or demonic possession, and
treated accordingly.