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Authors Title
Keil, Jurgen (Editor) Gaither Pratt: A Life For Parapsychology
Kelly, E.W. Near-Death Experiences with Reports of Meeting Deceased People
Kelly, E.W.; Arcangel, D. An Investigation of Mediums Who Claim to Give Information About Deceased Persons
Kelly, Edward F. (Co-Author); Kelly, Emily Williams (Co-Author); Crabtree, Adam (Co-Author); Gauld, Alan (Co-Author); Grosso, Michael (Co-Author); Greyson, Bruce (Co-Author) Irreducible Mind
Kelly, Edward F.; Kelly, E.W. Irreducible Mind
Kelly, Edward F.; Locke, Ralph G. Altered States of Consciousness and PSI: An Historical Survey and Research Prospectus
Kelsey, Denys Now And Then
Kelsey, Morton T. The Christian And The Supernatural
Kendrick, T.D. Mary Of Agreda
Kent, Caron Dr. The Puzzled Body