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Authors Title
Koestler, Arthur Ghost In The Machine
Koestler, Arthur Sleepwalkers
Kramer, W. (Ed); Bauer, Eberhard; Hovelmann, Gerd H. Perspectives of Clinical Parapsychology
Krauss, Rolf H. Jenseits Von Licht Und Schatten
Kreiman, Naum Investigaciones Experimentales En Parapsicologia Tomo 111
Kreiman, Naum Elementos Descriptivos Y Conceptuales De Parapsicologia
Krippner, Stanley Song Of The Siren
Krippner, Stanley Human Possibilities
Krippner, Stanley (Co-Author); Bogzaran, Fariba (Co-Author); De Carvalho, Andre Percia (Co-Author) Extraordinary Dreams And How To Work With Them
Krippner, Stanley (Co-Author); Welch, Patrick (Co-Author) Spiritual Dimensions Of Healing