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14 Dec 2015
SPR Council member and member of the Spontaneous Cases Committee John Fraser will be a guest on KTPF Paranormal Community & Talk Show radio on Sunday 20th December at 8.30 pm. Read more
12 Dec 2015
The SPR recently received an important donation of Ken Batcheldor‘s notebooks describing his numerous table-turning experiments. Read more
11 Dec 2015
An article in The Public Domain Review, 'Worlds Without End', discusses the early work of the SPR Read more
3 Dec 2015
In November 1905 the Rev. C. Hall Cook of the SPR visited Bisbee, Arizona, USA. His visit is the subject of a report on the website: 'The Society for Psychical Research visited Bisbee'. Read more
16 Nov 2015
The Koestler Parapsychology Unit blog carries details of the 2016 Bial Foundation Symposium. The 11th, it is on the theme of placebo, healing and meditation. Read more
12 Oct 2015
A PDF of the book Perspectives of Clinical Parapsychology: An Introductory Reader (Bunnik, 2012) is now freely available on the Parapsychological Association website, thanks to the generosity of the Dutch Foundation 'Het Johan Borgman Fonds' who waived all copyrights of the book in order to make it available free to anyone interested in the topic of clinical parapsychology. Read more
5 Oct 2015
OBE researcher Graham Nicholls has founded an organisation devoted to the study of out-of-body and near-death experiences. Read more
30 Sep 2015
The University of Northampton is advertising for a graduate teaching assistant, intended for someone with an undergraduate degree in Psychology or related discipline who would be willing to take on some general undergraduate teaching in Psychology while registered for a PhD in parapsychology or transpersonal psychology, with fees waived. Read more