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1 Aug 2016
A new encyclopedia article on the Italian Ernesto Bozzano (1862-1943) stimulates reflections about how psychical researchers communicate with their audiences, and about the need for translators to help break down language barriers. By Robert McLuhan Read more
16 Jul 2016
Parazoology: An issue of the Paranormal Review later this year will be devoted to a consideration of 'fabulous beasts'. Read more
16 Jul 2016
The SPR's Eleanor Sidgwick, the original female ghostbuster. Read more
3 Jun 2016
Deborah Erickson will be in Oxford in mid-September to present the results of her recent research in telepathic animal communication with therapy horses who work with PTSD-diagnosed warriors. Read more
3 Jun 2016
Andrew Green's 1973 classic "Ghost Hunting: A Practical Guide" is being republished. Read more
23 May 2016
Leading intellectuals in the seventeenth century were actively interested in psychical research, among them Robert Boyle and Isaac Newton. But this period also saw the beginnings of paranormal disbelief. By Prof. John Poynton Read more
19 May 2016
The February issue of the Journal of the London Institute of ’Pataphysics, issue 12 carries the text of ’Spirit’ Photography, a 1965 booklet that Simeon Edmunds wrote for the SPR. Read more
16 May 2016
SPR President John Poynton senses the feel of new beginnings in the organisation, with the move to new premises, development of the Psi Encyclopedia and other initiatives. But, he adds, this should also be a time for reflection. Read more
16 May 2016
The Parapsychology Foundation is uploading videos of past talks to YouTube. One features the SPR's Hon. Treasurer and past President Dr Richard Broughton on the topic of 'Emotions and ESP'. Read more
9 Mar 2016
The latest issues of the quarterly SPR Journal and the magazine Paranormal Review have been been sent to members and subscribers. Read more