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16 Sep 2016
The death of SPR member Richard Whittington-Egan has been announced. Read more
13 Sep 2016
Professor Chris Roe, SPR Council member and editor of the Society's Journal, has given an online talk: 'Psi as Unconscious: Some Recent Developments in Experimental Parapsychology'. Read more
11 Sep 2016
The SPR's new Psi Encyclopedia is already receiving positive feedback. Read more
10 Sep 2016
The new SPR Psi Encyclopedia has its own dedicated Twitter feed. Read more
30 Aug 2016
Applications are being accepted until September 30th for Cardigan Fund grants to fund parapsychological research or events in Australia. Read more
30 Aug 2016
The 1901 Versailles 'time-slip' walk has been retraced on camera Read more
30 Aug 2016
Sue Demeter-St Clair of PSICAN (Paranormal Studies & Inquiry Canada), has written a long article on the famous apparitional sightings in the 1880s at Cheltenham. Read more
1 Aug 2016
In this wide-ranging podcast interview, author Guy Lyon Playfair talks about his early years as a journalist and paranormal investigator in Brazil, his investigation of the Enfield poltergeist, and his research on twin telepathy. Read more
1 Aug 2016
Volunteers are needed for a PhD research project at the University of Central Lancashire, to investigate what people think they're hearing when exposed to unidentified sounds. Read more
1 Aug 2016
A new encyclopedia article on the Italian Ernesto Bozzano (1862-1943) stimulates reflections about how psychical researchers communicate with their audiences, and about the need for translators to help break down language barriers. By Robert McLuhan Read more