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15 Dec 2016
An analysis of Eric Dingwall's writings. including those in SPR publications, questions his reputation as a sceptic. Read more
14 Dec 2016
A Spanish-language article on the Battersea Poltergeist by Isabella Herranz cites the SPR and several members. Read more
14 Dec 2016
Gordon Bonnet, who runs the 'Skeptophilia' blog, has acknowledged the SPR in a post on the 'Trisaksri Ghost Repellent' device. Read more
8 Dec 2016
Houdini's Final Incredible Secret: How Houdini Mystified Sherlock Holmes' Creator, by Bob Loomis, includes references to the SPR's Proceedings. Read more
2 Dec 2016
The Parapsychology Foundation has released a YouTube video of a discussion on ghosts featuring the SPR's Tony Cornell. Read more
25 Nov 2016
Dr Carlos Alvarado has published a blog post gathering references to recent articles on mediumship. One of these is a paper by Dr Alan Gauld in JSPR. Read more
23 Nov 2016
SPR president Professor John Poynton will talk about his book Science, Mysticism and Psychical Research: The Revolutionary Synthesis of Michael Whiteman in London on Wednesday, 14th December. Read more
20 Nov 2016
SPR Council member Dr Zofia Weaver is featured in a Parapsychology Foundation video discussing her book 'Other Realities? The Enigma of Franek Kluski's Mediumship'. Read more
11 Nov 2016
'Ectoplasm' produced by medium Helen Duncan, part of the SPR's archives, is currently on display at Cambridge University Library in its free exhibition 'Curious Objects'. Read more
4 Nov 2016
A case of mysterious stone-throwing which was reported in the SPR's Journal in 1906 is the subject of a blog post. Read more