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13 Apr 2020
Tony Healy has summarized the Humpty Doo poltergeist case in a blog post. Read more
13 Apr 2020
In addition to appearing on New Thinking Allowed, to talk about the medium Eusapia Palladino, Dr Carlos Alvarado has also written a series of blog posts in which he recommends literature. Read more
13 Apr 2020
The Enfield poltergeist case continues to attract commentary, recently from SPR Council member Alan Murdie and from Jason Engwer. Read more
10 Apr 2020
William Braddell has recently written a blog post, Does Occam's razor really favour materialism?, in which he argues that it should not be employed as an argument in favour of materialism. Read more
6 Apr 2020
Robin Douglas has written a blog post about the beginnings of psychical research Read more
3 Apr 2020
SPR Council member John Fraser has appeared on Occam's Razor podcast to talk about poltergeists. Read more
30 Mar 2020
Dr Jack Hunter has written a blog post Gothic Psychology, The Ecological Unconscious and the Re-Enchantment of Nature. Read more
18 Mar 2020
Prof. Caroline Watt has appeared on the Mindstream Podcast to talk about the quest (and challenge) of psi research. Read more
13 Mar 2020
The Guardian has published an obituary for Prof. Donald J. West. Read more
11 Mar 2020
Dr Andreas Sommer has written a blog post Women at the Margins: Eleanor Mildred Sidgwick (1845-1936). Read more